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Zoe Rose Bryant

Though Zoë Rose Bryant has only worked in film criticism for a little under three years – turning a collegiate passion into a full-time career by writing for outlets such as Loud and Clear Reviews, Next Best Picture, and Awards Watch – her captivation with cinema has been a lifelong fascination, appreciating film in all its varying forms, from horror movies to heartfelt romantic comedies and everything in between. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, she made the move to Los Angeles in 2021 after graduating from college and now spends her days additionally working as a List Editor and occasional writer for Screen Rant (as she attempts to attend every screening under the sun). As a trans critic, she also seeks to champion underrepresented voices in the LGBTQ+ community in film criticism and offer original insight on how gender and sexuality are explored in modern entertainment.

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Pig: Nicolas Cage is Captivating in Contemplative Drama (Review)

Pig is a solemn yet subtly stirring character study that expertly subverts expectations, elevated by Nicolas Cage’s best performance in nearly two decades.

Black Widow: ScarJo’s Marvel Swan Song is Simply Spectacular (Review)

Black Widow is a fitting finale for star Scarlett Johansson that simultaneously sets up captivating new characters to carry on her legacy.

The Forever Purge: A Petrifying Parallel to Today’s Turmoil (Review)

The Forever Purge is another powerfully political piece of action horror art from the hit franchise, drawing on our current social strife for its scares.

Zola: Social Media-Inspired Stripper Saga Is a Riotous Ride (Review)

Zola is the defining dark comedy of the digital age, thanks to Janicza Bravo’s daring direction and peerless performances from Taylour Paige and Riley Keough.

All Purge Films Ranked (From Worst to Best)

Following the release of Friday’s The Forever Purge, we revisit all prior Purge films, ranked from worst to best.

Luca (Review): Pixar ’s Fish Out of Water Fable is Practically Perfect

Luca is Pixar at its most emotionally powerful, returning to the resonant storytelling that made the studio such a success to begin with.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway: A Hare-Raisingly Hilarious Hoot (Review)

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is another win for the family-friendly franchise, capturing the same comedic charm that made the first film such a success.

Infinite: Wahlberg Anchors a Silly but Solid Sci-Fi Actioner

Infinite is at times comedically convoluted, but thanks to brilliant world-building and stellar action setpieces, it’s riotously entertaining regardless.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (Review): A Tiresome Threequel

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It can’t recapture the spooky spark that made the series so special, despite the efforts of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

All Conjuring Universe Films Ranked

Since The Conjuring series returned to the big screen last summer, we ranked every eerie entry in the hit horror franchise so far.