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Loud and Clear Reviews: Copyright Policy

This copyright policy explains how users are permitted to use or link to our content. It is part of our terms and conditions, and we reserve the right to update our copyright policy from time to time, when needed. This version of the copyright policy was published on February 28, 2023.

Copyright Law and Loud and Clear Reviews

Copyright law ensures that the owner of the copyright retains the to control how its copyright protected works are used. All written content, website design, layouts, material, coding and functionality and arrangement thereof appearing on are protected by copyright laws and protected and regularly monitored by DMCA. All of this work should only be used as explained in the “How Can I Use Loud and Clear Reviews’ Content?” section below. Any use of our copyrighted work that is not allowed – as explained in the section “How Am I Not Allowed to Use Loud and Clear Reviews’ Content?” section below – would therefore violate copyright law and can result in personal and corporate liability.

How Can I Use Loud and Clear Reviews’ Content?

You are allowed to save or print physical copies of articles for your personal use, view our content online on any device where it is available, and share links to our articles on any social medias, websites, or other sharing tools that are available to you.

Links to are welcomed, and the use of ratings and quotes from our articles and reviews on official written or audiovisual promotional materials for the films and TV series we review is allowed.

If you are quoting us in an article, you may quote up to 30 words of our text provided it is written within quotation marks. This is provided you quote both the author of the article and the publication when you do so. Example: “[journalist name] at Loud and Clear Reviews wrote that [insert quote]”. The word “Loud and Clear Reviews” should have a link back to the original article.

While you may not copy full text articles from and republish or redistribute them anywhere (which includes websites, newsletters and other media), you may quote up to 140 characters of our articles for preview texts of any articles of ours that you would like to share. This provided you:

  • use the original headline and have that headline link back to the source (the original article on;
  • source Loud and Clear Reviews as the author of the article;
  • do not publish your article with the same publication date as the original article on;
  • make it clear that said work is not your original work but comes from;
  • do not use said article, and any of our work, for commercial gain of any kind.

How Am I Not Allowed to Use Loud and Clear Reviews’ Content?

Besides the use explained in the “How Can I Use Loud and Clear Reviews’ Content?” section above, you may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, perform, modify, create derivative works, transmit, or in any way exploit any content on Loud and Clear Reviews.

How Can I Contact You About Your Copyrighted Work?

If you have any questions on the use of our copyrighted work or would like to ask for permission to use or redistribute our works in ways that are not outlined above,

please contact info[at]