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Loud and Clear Reviews: Ethics Policy

Loud and Clear Reviews values the integrity of journalism and the work that went behind the works – films, TV shows, Virtual Reality works and more – that we cover on the site. It is our goal to publish news and information as impartially as possible, especially those of a sensitive nature, and to always be respectful of movies, series, and the industry as a whole in our reviews, regardless of our opinion of said works. The opinions you’ll find on are objective and reflect the individual writer’s thoughts on a film/series/other work. This is completely separate from how we get access to said works, our relationships with distributors and PRs, and the affiliate programs we are part of.

Embargoes and Spoilers

Loud and Clear Reviews respects embargoes. Our reviews and reactions will only be published when we have permission to post them, whether on the site itself or on our social media.

Generally speaking, we try to avoid big spoilers, as we value our readers’ experiences while watching a film. Should we need to mention specific spoilers in an article, and should that article be about a movie/series/work that is about to be/has just been released, it will be clearly stated on that article, either at the top of the page (if the entire article contains spoilers – example: Role Play Review) or right before the paragraph (if the spoilers are contained to that paragraph – example: Whatever It Takes Review).


The images we post on our articles have been acquired from official studio sources or the PR offices they hired, and are posted with copyright information in order to adhere to best journalism practices. In the rare occasion that we need to include a picture from an artist or non-official work, we will always try to contact the owners to ask for permission.

If we quote another publication in one of our articles, we will always add a link to that publication.

Accuracy and Corrections

This section of Loud and Clear Reviews’ Ethics Policy is about accuracy and corrections. Before publication, all our articles are double checked for accuracy by our team, in order to ensure that the information we publish is confirmed and accurate. We do not publish rumours and we do not post clickbait. When we quote other publications, the information published on is always provided in good faith.

In order to deliver accurate content, we may update our articles from time to time. If those updates are minor – for example, if we misspelled someone’s name by mistake, if the release date has changed, or if we noticed a minor spelling or grammar mistake – we will simply correct the article. However, in the rare occasion that we need to make a more important change – such as adding or removing big parts of text, changing the rating, or adding more information for context – you will always find a correction line or an update in italics at the end of the article (example: Little Empty Boxes Review). This is to ensure we adhere to the best standards of journalism and remain a publication that you can trust.


Loud and Clear Reviews displays ads from Google AdSense and is also part of the “Apple Services Performance Partners” affiliate program. This is what enables us to keep the site free for everyone and pay for our servers, taxes, and software. Our writing staff is completely separate from our advertising team, which means that none of our work is influenced by our advertising needs. The adverts you will find on the site do not reflect the views of Loud and Clear Reviews, but we limit the number of ads on our pages and we also try our best to not show you distasteful ads, to guarantee a good experience for you on the site.

Contact Us

If you wish to request a correction, make a complaint, or have any questions on Loud and Clear Reviews’ ethics policy, please contact us at info[at]