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A Film Dishtory – White Russians and Big Lebowskis

Welcome to A Film Dishtory, where we tell the story of the most iconic servings in the history of cinema. Today, we start with The Big Lebowski ’s White Russian.

Culinary Christmas Flings: Festive Dishes You Once Saw in a Movie

Christmas is the time for love, celebration, and…food! Let’s take a walk down memory lane and get inspired by festive dishes as seen in your favourite movies.

The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo: Inorganic Sexiness and How to Give In (Raindance Review)

The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo thrives in the grey area between fiction and non-fiction, and dives into pop psychology with more than a juicy twist.

Spookily Delicious: The Ultimate Pumpkin Treats for Your Halloween Night

Halloween movie nights would be no fun without the perfect combination of kickass food and homies. We cannot cater for the latter, but as far as the former is concerned…

Oscar Wilde ’s Top Three Favourite Films, as Envisioned By Us

To celebrate Oscar Wilde’s would-be birthday, we tried to answer this burning question: which films would Oscar like the most?

Survival Strategies: How to Do Packed-Lunch with Class

Into The Wild sparked the imagination of generations. Still, for our day-to-day journey into the Unknown, we might need a special food-something to boost our moods.

I’ve Got Issues: Dark Comedy Heart with a Gentler Soul (Review)

Steve Collin’s I’ve Got Issues provides a much-to-be-cherished mix of deadpan irony and disenchantment as it puts forward a tentative solution to human troubles.

Genus Pan (Lahi, Hayop): Looking Back to Find Ourselves (Review)

Genus Pan (Lahi, Hayop) follows the lives of three Filipino mine workers and exposes the contradictions of the country as it muses on the notion of “humanity”.

Hidden Away (Volevo Nascondermi): How to Call Ourselves Living Things (Review)

Hidden Away (Volevo nascondermi) is an elegiac, endearing biopic that brings it home while getting us acquainted with a fascinating figure in the history of art.