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Oscar Wilde ’s Top Three Favourite Films, as Envisioned By Us

To celebrate Oscar Wilde’s would-be birthday, we tried to answer this burning question: which films would Oscar like the most?

Survival Strategies: How to Do Packed-Lunch with Class

Into The Wild sparked the imagination of generations. Still, for our day-to-day journey into the Unknown, we might need a special food-something to boost our moods.

I’ve Got Issues: Dark Comedy Heart with a Gentler Soul (Review)

Steve Collin’s I’ve Got Issues provides a much-to-be-cherished mix of deadpan irony and disenchantment as it puts forward a tentative solution to human troubles.

Genus Pan (Lahi, Hayop): Looking Back to Find Ourselves (Review)

Genus Pan (Lahi, Hayop) follows the lives of three Filipino mine workers and exposes the contradictions of the country as it muses on the notion of “humanity”.

Hidden Away (Volevo Nascondermi): How to Call Ourselves Living Things (Review)

Hidden Away (Volevo nascondermi) is an elegiac, endearing biopic that brings it home while getting us acquainted with a fascinating figure in the history of art.

Pulp Up Your Day with 3 Deliciously Easy Smoothie Recipes

Pulp Fiction’s milkshake is possibly one of the most iconic objects in the history of cinema. Here are some tips & tricks to shine like Mia Wallace throughout your day.

5 Iconic Things We’ll Never Forget About The Good Place

The Umbrella Academy is an apocalyptic, time traveling, sci-fi, murder mystery family drama that really has something for everyone.

Circus of Books: An Endearing Family Saga and a Feat of Cultural Nostalgia (Review)

Netflix’s documentary Circus of Books explores the hidden life of director Rachel Mason’s family members while celebrating a lost treasure of gay counterculture.

Raise Your Glass: Funky Drink Tips to Pump Up Your Film Night

Looking for the perfect drink for your film night? Here are some all-timers and our very own recipe to cheer with your loved ones. Of course, unless you prefer a glass of wine.

Family Romance LLC: A Tantalizing yet Flawed Exploration of the Everyday (Review)

Werner Herzog’s docu-like drama Family Romance, LLC exposes our society’s emotional shortcomings as it follows…