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A Film Dishtory – Scooby Snacks vs The World

In this Dishtory of Cinema, we muse on the meaning of entrepreneurship and friendship: have you ever wondered how Scooby Snacks were born?

If you found yourself wondering about the mythical origins of TV’s favourite Dane’s cookies of choice but then got immediately distracted by those nasty things that are usually going on in our daily life – like: forever…then, you get the idea. The history of Scooby Snacks is PhD worthy; nonetheless, only a bunch of very very happy few seem to take genuine interest in solving the mystery. Scooby Doo, where are you? Let’s get this started!

All proper cookie monsters out there would know: Scooby Snacks are no regular delicacies at all. First appeared in the eponymous Hannah-Barbera TV production Scooby Doo, Scooby Snacks are both a treat and a booster to the canine protagonist of the animated show. No single episode elapses before Scooby Snacks have been showcased for at least a handful of seconds. Still, be ready: we ain’t talking ‘bout kitsch product placement. On the contrary: the evolution of Scooby Snacks followed quite the opposite direction, and real-life food brands were born – along with nerdy status symbol. Who wouldn’t have joined Scooby Doo’s hyper-affectionate human companion Shaggy in a tasting session?

But let’s leave the boring business-y part aside for now. Because people have been picking their brains to no avail trying to figure out the actual origin of Scooby Snacks. What are they made of? What do they taste like? Most importantly: which of the two is the first born: Scoob or Scooby Snacks?

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Tele-storical interpolation and further motion pictures answer the call of yesterday’s TV show fans. It seem that Scooby Do’s creator William Hanna had always declared that Scooby Snacks should taste like caramel – thus acknowledging those theories which stated that Scooby Doo’s name took after the more famous dog cookie. No Tweets, no drama, no talk shows later: things seem to turn out a bit different…

Crisp-fresh Spring days pierce the sky. Then came Scoob (the feature-length picture) to bring our troubles away. The movie has its truth to tell, and it’s a show-stopper. Scoob is the first born, while Scooby Snacks are only a by-product of the fervent imagination of Young Shaggy. Who always dreamt about munching on human-class bone-shaped snacks. Then Scoob came, and the affectionate human companion just added a sprinkle of dog food into his secret recipe. Please share your thoughts on Shaggy as a young dogpreneur, because I am raving.

P.S.: I hope there are no vets out there.

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