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March 2024: New Movies In Theaters This Month

Stills from The Animal Kingdom, Love Lies Bleeding, Late Night with the Devil, three movies out in theaters in March 2024

All the new movies in theaters in March 2024: a list of this month’s new releases, from Immaculate to Godzilla X Kong and more anticipated films to watch right now or soon!

The wait is over: Immaculate, Love Lies Bleeding, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Late Night with the Devil, Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire and many more new movies are coming to theaters in March 2024! The new releases to watch this month include many anticipated films and festival hits, and we listed all the upcoming watches we could find in this article. They are in in order of release and divided by movies to watch in U.S. theaters and in U.K. cinemas, and we also added global release dates where available. Enjoy!

  1. March 2024: New Movies in U.S. Theaters
  2. March 2024: New Movies in U.K. Cinemas




Director: Gabriel Abrantes
U.S. Release: March 1 in theaters and VOD
U.K. Release: TBA

Amelia’s Children Review: Campy But Forgettable – Loud And Clear
Gabriel Abrantes’ Amelia’s Children is a campy but messy Portuguese horror film with weak dialogue and a confused narrative.

Edward is searching for his biological family with his girlfriend Ryley, and this takes him to a villa the mountains of Northern Portugal. He is about to meet his mother and twin brother for the first time, but when he actually does, his excitement fades with the discovery of a monstrous secret that they’re hiding.


Director: Henry Nelson
U.S. Release: March 1
U.K. Release: TBA

ASLEEP IN MY PALM (Strike Back Studios)

A father and daughter live off the grid in rural Ohio, near a small liberal arts college, in Asleep in My Palm, which looks at parenthood and class in the US.


Director: Kiran Rao
U.S. Release: March 1
U.K. Release: TBA


It’s 2001, somewhere in rural India, and two young brides get lost on a train, and end up being swapped for one another. What ensues is a hilarious, chaotic journey that revolves entirely about these women’s growth and discoveries.


Director: Julio Torres
U.S. Release: March 1 (limited), March 22 (nationwide)
U.K. Release: TBA
Full Review: Problemista Film Review

Problemista: Film Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
Review: Problemista takes a surrealist approach to its tale of a struggling immigrant, in a film that’s big on imagination, light on heart.

Alejandro comes from El Salvator, but he lives in New York City. He is an aspiring toy designer, but he’s not doing very well in the US market. His time in the country is also limited due to his visa almost running out, and so a job as an assistant to an eccentric artist might be his only hope to fulfill his dream.


Directors: Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy
U.S. Release: March 1
U.K. Release: March 22 (as Baltimore)

Baltimore (2023): LFF Film Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
Review: Try as the cast might, Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy’s film Baltimore fails to get under the skin of a determined firebrand.

Rose’s War (Baltimore) tells the true story of English heiress Rose Dugdale (Imogen Poots), who became a revolutionary. We follow the wealthy protagonist of the film in the 1970s as she decides to take a military path as a form of rebellion. But her sympathy towards the IRA’s conflict turns into radicalisation. When a simple heist turns violent, is Rose ready to face the consequences?


Director: Sacha Polak
U.S. Release: March 1
U.K. Release: March 29

Silver Haze Film Review: Deeply Impactful – Loud & Clear Reviews
Silver Haze ’s central love-story thinly veils a profoundly impactful film about forgiveness, found-family and finding yourself.

23-year-old nurse Franky (Vicky Knight) lives in East London with her large family. Up till then, Franky has been unable to build relationships, driven entirely by some painful memories from the past and her instincts to assign blame for everything. But one day, she falls in love with one of her patients, Florence (Esmé Creed-Miles), and they escape together and improve each other’s lives.

MARCH 8-13, 2024 MOVIES


Director: Phil Allocco
U.S. Release: March 8
U.K. Release: TBA

5LBS of Pressure Review: Generic Crime Drama – Loud And Clear Reviews
5LBS of Pressure never really distinguishes itself, more intent to be a generic crime drama than a worthwhile character study.

Adam (Luke Evans) is an ex-con. After serving a 16-year sentence for murder, he is back to his old life, but things have changed. He has a son who grew up without him, and a man whose relative he killed who wants him dead. One day, his path crosses that of Mike (Rory Culkin), nephew of a drug dealer (Alex Pettyfer), who’s desperately truing to leave this kind of life behind. Can they both get the redemption they seek?


Director: Mark Bristol
U.S. Release: March 8
U.K. Release: TBA

ACCIDENTAL TEXAN (Roadside Attractions)

Harvard student Erwin (Rudy Pankow) manages to get a professional acting job, but he soon loses it when his phone starts ringing in the middle of shooting. With no career and no phone, he leaves New Orleans set, only for his car to break down on the road. Eventually, he seeks refuge at a diner in Texas, were he meets a waitress named Faye (Carrie-Anne Moss), who helps him find a mechanic. But even with access to a phone, Erwin still needs more help, and his acting skills might be his only way of making it out of there.


Director: Paul Dektor
U.S. Release: March 8
U.K. Release: TBA

American Dreamer Review: Dinklage Wasted – Loud And Clear
Paul Dektor’s dry comedy on a professor’s housing market struggles, American Dreamer, wastes a great curmudgeon in Peter Dinklage.

American Dreamer tells the true story of an underpaid professor of economics named Phil Loder (Dinklage) who dreams of one day owning a home. One day, an opportunity comes his way and he strikes a deal with a near-death widow named Astrid (Shirley MacLaine) who offers him her sprawling estate for pennies. But if the deal seems too good to be true, it’s because it is, and Phil soon finds out that his American Dream won’t necessarily bring him happiness. Matt Dillon, Danny Glover, Daniel Pudi, and Michelle Mylett are also in the cast.


Director: Mike Mitchell
Global Release: March 8

KUNG FU PANDA 4 (Universal)

Jack Black returns as Po, the world’s most beloved and also most unlikely kung fu master! This time, he’s asked to become the Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace. But Po known nothing about spiritual leadership, and the role also requires him to find and train a new Dragon Warrior first. And as if that weren’t enough, he also has to defeat a powerful sorceress named Chameleon (Viola Davis) who can – you guess it – shapeshift into any creature.


Director: Tom Gustafson
U.S. Release: March 8
U.K. Release: TBA

Glitter & Doom: Film Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
Film Review: “Queer love movie musical” Glitter & Doom is light on plot, but Indigo Girls fans will enjoy its irresistible musical numbers.

A circus dreamer (Alex Diaz) and a struggling musician (Alan Cammish) meet, and they instantly fall in love. An epic summer romance begins, but it might be doomed to end, as they have different dreams. Set to the music of Indigo Girls, Glitter & Doom is a stunning film, and a blossoming queer love story that explores themes like possibility and the power of music.


Director: Kevin MacDonald
Global Release: March 8

High and Low – John Galliano: Film Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
Film Review: High and Low – John Galliano is a compelling, honest and intelligent examination one man’s meteoric rise and self-inflicted fall

John Galliano was one of the most prominent and successful fashion designers of the world in the 1990s and 2000s. But when he was caught on camera in 2011 hurling antisemitic and racist insults outside Paris’s Café La Perle, his career ended. This new documentary follows his life and career from college to the present, examining his struggles with addiction and the pressure from the industry.


Director: Jeff Wadlow
Global Release: March 8

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2024 By Month Imaginary (Blumhouse & Lionsgate)

What if your imaginary friend was neither of those things? Jessica (DeWanda Wise) moves back into her childhood home with her family, where her youngest stepdaughter, Alice (Pyper Braun), finds a stuff bear she finds in the basement. Needless to say, the girl gets hugely attached to the bear, who becomes more sinister by the day.


Director: Ben Mullinkosson
U.S. Release: March 8 in select theaters
Global Release: March 15 on MUBI

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2024 By Month The Last Year of Darkness (MUBI)

“Funky Town” is one of the last safe places for free-spirited young adults, and for all kinds of outsiders. But as the city of Chengdu changes, the future of the club is at stakes. The film follows a group of DJs, drag performers, ravers, skaters and lovers who make the most of their remaining time at the only place that accepts them.


Director: Rose Glass
U.S. Release: March 8
U.K. Release: April 19

Love Lies Bleeding Review: Intoxicating Thriller – Loud And Clear
Love Lies Bleeding, Rose Glass’ gloriously bizarre follow up to Saint Maud, is a marvellous feat of muscular filmmaking.

Kristen Stewart is a reclusive gym manager who smokes too much and has some family issues. One day, she meets an ambitious bodybuilder (Katy O’Brian), and the two realize that they get one another in ways that others can’t. Rose Glass’ (Saint Maud) festival hit Love Lies Bleeding is coming to theaters, and it’s a film that quite simply can’t be put into words. It’s a tale of revenge where the filmmaker makes the most out of the medium, demanding our attention from beginning to end.


Director: Kavery Dutta Kaul
U.S. Release: March 8

One Hand Don’t Clap Restoration: Review Loud And Clear Reviews
The newly restored One Hand Don’t Clap (1991) is a gorgeous documentary about the vibrant history of calypso and soca music.

One Hand Don’t Clap, by Kavery Dutta Kaul is a celebration of Calypso and Soca music, and it’s coming in a new 4K restoration. The film was a pioneer in 1988, upon release, for its representation of calypso and the emergence of soca (the “Soul of Calypso”) through the eyes of artists Lord Kitchener and Calypso Rose, the first woman to break through in a traditionally male arena.


Director: Larry Fessenden
U.S. Release: March 13
Global Release: TBA

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2024 By Month Blackout (Dark Sky Films)

Charley has a secret: he thinks he’s a werewolf. He doesn’t really know for sure, but he keeps reading about random acts of violence taking place at night, and he’s convinced that it was him, since he has trouble remembering his actions. What’s really tearing this small town apart?

MARCH 15-17, 2024 MOVIES


Director: Kobi Libii
U.S. Release: March 15
U.K. Release: March 22

American Society of Magical Negroes Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
The American Society of Magical Negroes’ “respectability politics” argument could have been explored better without the “magical society”.

What if the “Magical Negro” trope – which describes a Black character whose purpose is to help a white character in their journey – actually existed? This is the premise behind this satirical comedy, revolving around a young man, Aren who joins a secret society of magical Black people whose purpose in life is making white people’s lives easier. 


Director: Thomas Cailley
U.S. Release: March 15 in theaters and VOD
U.K. Release: TBA

The Animal Kingdom: Cannes Film Review – Loud & Clear Reviews
Paul Kircher is astonishingly good in Thomas Cailley’s The Animal Kingdom, a film you simply won’t be able to take your eyes off of.

The Animal Kingdom is one of those films you watch and can’t shake off, as its stunning worldbuilding and original themes will haunt you for weeks after your first watch. It takes place in a world that doesn’t know how to react to an event that seems to be affecting more and more people. Everyone is gradually mutating into animal-human hybrids, and the few humans left are trying to control this phenomenon by locking them away and dealing with their loss. François (Romain Duris) sees this happen to his wife, but he’s determined to save her. He embarks with his son Emile (Paul Kircher) to a forest where people are building homes that can house these atypical families, but he soon has a bigger issue to face: something strange is happening to their 16-year-old son Émile (Paul Kircher).


Director: Simon Cellan Jones
Global Release: March 15


Mark Wahlberg plays a pro adventure racer named Michael Light who forms a very close bond with a scrappy street dog – the titular Arthur – over the course of ten days. Together, they run 435 miles and overcome many challenged. Based on a true story and also featuring performances from Simu Liu, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Ali Suliman.


Director: Luc Besson
U.S. Release: March 15 (limited), March 22 (nationwide)
U.K. Release: March 11

Dogman Review: Landry Jones is Terrific – Loud And Clear Reviews
Review: Despite a terrific lead turn from Caleb Landry Jones, Luc Besson’s stylish film DogMan just isn’t original enough to be memorable.

In Luc Besson’s latest, Caleb Landry Jones (Nitram) is terrific as a troubled man whose only friends – and saviors – are dogs. Read our review of Dogman!


Directors: James A. Woods & Nicholas Wright
U.S. Release: March 15 in theaters, March 19 on digital
U.K. Release: TBA

FRENCH GIRL (Paramount)

Gordon is a hopeless romantic. But when his girlfriend accepts a job offer from her celebrity ex that takes her to Quebec, his values are put to the text. Gordon decides to impress her family and heads to her hometown, but her French-speaking relatives are hard to impress. Zach Braff, Vanessa Hudgens, and Evelyne Brochu are all in the cast of this hilarious rom-com.


Director: Mickey Keating
U.S. Release: March 15 at select Alamo Drafthouse locations
U.K. Release: TBA

Invader (Alamo Drafthouse)

This “lean, mean, and shocking jolt of true crime horror” is about a young woman who arrives in the Chicago suburbs to look for her missing cousin. But the more she looks, the more she starts to realize that something terrible must have happened to him, which goes beyond her greatest fears.


Director: Michael Keaton
U.S. Release: March 15
U.K. Release: TBA

Knox Goes Away: Michael Keaton Film Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
Review: Michael Keaton’s Knox Goes Away is barely saved by a powerful ending, but it suffers from meandering direction and wasted potential.

Michael Keaton directs and stars as the titular John Knox in this TIFF-premiering thriller about a hit man looking for redemption before dementia takes over. Al Pacino plays a friend who helps him in his mission to save his estranged son (James Marsden) from a mistake, without getting caught by the police.


Director: Simon Chambers
U.S. Release: March 15 in NY, March 22 in LA
U.K. Release: TBA

MUCH ADO ABOUT DYING (First Run Features)

One day, director Simon Chambers gets a call from his elderly gay uncle who tells him, “I think I may be dying!”. And so, he goes to his uncle’s house and finds out that, though he was exaggerating, the situation is critical. Uncle David lives in a cluttered, mouse-infested London house, and thoughtout the documentary, we watch Chambers as he cares for him, in a surprisingly hilarious film full of King Lear reenactments.


Director: James Hawes
U.S. Release: March 15
U.K. Release: January 1

One Life: LFF Film Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
Film Review: As emotional as it is flawed, One Life tells a moving story of a historical moment that changed the lives of many.

Johnny Flynn plays Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Winton, a young London broker who goes to Prague in December 1938, determined to rescue hundreds of Jewish children before the Nazi close the borders. To do so, he enlists the help of two members of the British Committee for Refugees in Czechoslovakia. But we meet a very different version of Nicky fifty years later (Anthony Hopkins), as he still thinks about all the children he wasn’t able to save. A true story about grief and redemption, based on the novel “If It’s Not Impossible…: The Life of Sir Nicholas Winton”  by Barbara Winton.


Director: Luc Besson
U.S. Release: March 15
U.K. Release: TBA

The Prank Review: Messy Bait-and-Switch Thriller – Loud And Clear Reviews
The Prank starts out as an alright high school drama with a tiny amount of its potential realized, but it devolves into a basic thriller.

Overachiever Ben and his bestie Tanne have a very strict physics teacher named Mrs. Wheeler (Rita Moreno). One day, they decide to exact their revenge on her.


Director: Ron Frank
U.S. Release: March 15 in New York
U.K. Release: TBA


After closing the New York Jewish Film Festival and winning many accolades, this Gene Wilder documentary is coming to theaters. It’s a celebration of the actor’s life and legacy that explores both his career and his private life, showing us the man the public adored but also intimate moments and touching and hilarious clips and outtakes.


Director: Neo Sora
U.S. Release: March 15 in theaters and VOD
U.K. Release: TBA

Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus: Film Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
Film Review: Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus is an elegant and moving tribute to (and from) a world class musical talent.

This hit from the Venice Film Festival is coming to select theaters, and it’s a celebration of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s life. It’s a swan song that Sakamoto left us, with one final performance that you can see in the concert film, featuring just him and his piano and curated by the artist himself.


Director: Adam Rehmeier
U.S. Release: March 15
U.K. Release: TBA

SNACK SHACK (Paramount)

It’s Nebraska City, in the summer of 1991, and two best friends named AJ (Conor Sherry) and Moose (Gabriel LaBelle) seize the opportunity to start running the local pool’s rundown snack shack. But when they meet summer visitor Brooke (Mika Abdalla), who just-so-happens to be a lifeguard, everything changes.


Director: Marcus Stokes
U.S. Release: March 15
U.K. Release: TBA


What can you do when your nightmares come true? The lives of Stephen and Alicia, a normal, happy young couple, are turned upside down when Stephen is accused of a murder. Soon, he finds himself in a shady mental facility, undergoing an experimental treatment that causes a year-long gap in his memory. What’s an hallucination, and what is real life? Emile Hirsch plays the protagonist of this psychological thriller.


Directors: Paul Middleditch & Hamish Bennett
U.S. Release: March 15
U.K. Release: TBA

UPROAR (Blue Fox Entertainment)

It’s 1981 in New Zealand, and 17-year-old Josh Waaka is at the rugby-centric St Gilbert’s College. But amidst the Springboks’ tour and national protests, he faces a choice. Should he continue to embrace acting and his Māori heritage, or should he conform?


Directors: Bradford Thomason & Brett Whitcomb
U.S. Release: March 17
Nationwide and worldwide Release: TBA

Butterfly in the Sky Review: Storytelling Matters – Loud And Clear
Butterfly in the Sky is a love letter to LeVar Burton’s PBS children show, depicting how storytelling can change lives for the better.

For 26 seasons, Reading Rainbow met young viewers in their living rooms. Now, documentary Butterfly in the Sky gives us a behind the scenes look at the PBS children’s show and its host LeVar Burton.


Director: Hideaki Anno
U.S. Release: March 17 & 20 in select theaters in North America
U.K. Release: TBA

The End of Evangelion (GKIDS)

For the first time ever, 1997 animated film The End of Evangelion will be in select theaters in North America. The End of Evangelion is an alternative ending to Hideaki Anno’s incredibly popular Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, set in 2015 in a Tokyo attacked by “Angels”. GKIDS distributes the film, which will be in Japanese with English subtitles.

MARCH 20-22, 2024 MOVIES


Director: Ralph Strean
U.S. Release: March 20 & 21
U.K. Release: TBA

The Ark & The Darkness (Fathom Events)

What if there was a tale over 4,000 years old, preserved in ancient writings, that every major culture around the world has had all along? The Director of Genesis: Paradise Lost sets forth to uncover the truth about Noah’s Flood, and ultimately prove that it actually happened, in his latest film.


Directors: Kip Andersen, Kameron Waters
Global Release: March 20


This investigative documentary follows filmmakers Kip Andersen and Kameron Waters as they travel around the globe, exploring the historical connection between all religions and animals. The film aims to expose how influential religious leaders of all faiths have overlooked or promoted animal exploitation. Eventually, they uncover a 2,000 year-old cover up, which they describe as “the most significant new discovery about Jesus Christ, in the last 2,000 years.”


Director: John Connors
U.S. Release: March 22
U.K. Release: TBA

FREE TIME (Cartilage Films)

A small-time drug dealer named Canto wants to escape his criminal life. But things get complicated when his estranged father comes back into his life, and redemption seems even less attainable. And so begins a journey of forgiveness and self-discovery, in a film about society, family, and corruption.


Directors: Marlo McKenzie and Jonathan Parker
U.S. Release: March 22 New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, March 29 in more countries
U.K. Release: TBA


A San Francisco cocktail waitress became hugely popular when she became America’s first topless dancer at a 1964 Republican Convention. This documentary tells the story of the titular Carol Doda, a girl next door who turned a North Beach nightclub into one of San Francisco’s most popular tourist destinations.


Director: Radu Jude
U.S. Release: March 22
U.K. & Irish Release: March 8

Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World: Review – L&C
Film Review: Radu Jude’s explosive satire Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World consistently surprises and subverts preconceptions.

A multinational company asks an overworked and underpaid production assistant to film a workplace safety video, but an interviewee makes a statement that forces him to completely re-invent his story to suit the company’s narrative.


Directors: Ng Choon Ping & Sam H. Freeman
U.S. Release: March 22
U.K. Release: out now on digital, on demand, and DVD & Blu-Ray!

Femme (2023) Film Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
Film Review: The genre-defying Femme is a complex analysis of trauma, identity, and internalised homophobia disguised as a revenge thriller.

Jules (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) is a confident young man who enjoys performing as Aphrodite Banks, one of London’s most popular and beloved drag artists. One day, after a performance, Aphrodite suffers a homophobic attack that leaves her with actual and metaphorical bruises, and life will never be the same after that. Until Jules goes to a gay sauna, months later, and runs into his attacker (George MacKay), who not only does not recognize jules, but who clearly struggles with internalized homophobia. But for Jules, this is something else: a chance to get revenge.


Director: Alexandre O. Philippe
U.S. Release: March 22 in select theaters, on digital and on demand
U.K. Release: TBA

THE FOX (Greenwich Entertainment)

In World War II times, a young motorcycle courier in the Austrian army named Franz Streitberger encounters a wounded fox cub. Having taken the cub with him to France, he develops a bond with the animal takes it with him to occupied France. Based on a true story.


Director: Ryan Martin Brown
U.S. Release: March 22 in NY, March 29 in LA
U.K. Release: TBA

FREE TIME (Cartilage Films)

Drew is about to turn thirty, and he’s terrified of aging. One day, he decides to make a radical change to his life: he quits his desk job and sets out to “embrace life.” But what can Drew do with his newfound freedom? He has no idea.


Director: Gil Kenan
Global Release: March 22


A new Ghostbusters sequel is coming, and it sees the Spengler family go back to the beginning: the New York City firehouse! The new characters will join forces with the original ghost hunting team, in a film with a fantastic cast! Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Kumail Nanjiani, Patton Oswalt , Celeste O’Connor, Logan Kim, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Potts all star in this very promising movie.


Director: Ivan Sen
U.S. Release: March 22 in NY and LA, followed by a nationwide release
U.K. Release: TBA

Limbo (Brainstorm Media and Music Box Films)

Simon Baker stars in Limbo, winner of the Grand Prix in the International Competition at Brussels International Film Festival. He plays a jaded detective who travels to a remote Outback town in Australia to investigate a cold case murder from twenty years earlier. The victim was a local indigenous girl, and despite the locals’ skepticism, he soon becomes aware of how racist the Australian police was toward Indigenous people.


Director: Michael Mohan
Global Release: March 22

Immaculate (Neon)

Sydney Sweeney is an American nun in the highly anticipated Immaculate. In this Neon release, Cecilia (Sweeney) joins a remote Italian convent, where everything is supposed to be idyllic and new. But she soon finds out that a sinister secret hides in the convent’s walls, and her new journey becomes a nightmare.


Directors: Cameron Cairnes & Colin Cairnes
Global Release: March 22

Late Night with the Devil Review: Must-see Horror – Loud And Clear
Horror film Late Night with the Devil recounts the Halloween 1977 events when a talk show host puts on the most sinister TV event in history.

David Dastmalchian (Duneplays talk show host Jack Delroy in this 1977-set tale, telling the true story of a live television broadcast that goes horribly wrong when he interviews a parapsychologist who wrote a book about surviving a Satanic church’s mass suicide.


Director: Mark Bristol
U.S. Release: March 22
U.K. Release: TBA


An ex-homicide detective (Russell Crowe) needs to solve a gruesome murder that he can’t remember if he wants to stay alive. But he suffers from memory loss, which makes everything more challenging. As more secrets from his past begin to emerge, he eventually discovers the terrifying, disquieting truth.


Director: Alexandre O. Philippe
U.S. Release: March 22
U.K. Release: TBA


You Can Call Me Bill explores the life and career of William Shatner, from the Star Trek days to the rest of his 70+ year-spanning career.

MARCH 26-29, 2024 MOVIES


Directors: Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux & Kirk Thomas
U.S. Release: March 26, 27 and 28
U.K. Release: TBA

Handle With Care: The Legend of the Notic Streetball Crew (Gravitas Ventures)

The Notic were an upstart streetball collective from Canada in the early 2000s, and this documentary depicts their rise, fall, and rebirth. While they achieved global fame as teenagers, this also got them involved in a battle of self-expression, race, and rejection. The film spans twenty years and shows us the impact they had on the game.


Director: Rhys Frake-Waterfield
U.S. Release: March 26, 27 and 28
U.K. Release: TBA

Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 (Fathom Events)

The sequel of Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood and Honey is here, and the titular bear is as destructive as ever. Here, together with Piglet, Owl, and Tigger, he heads to the town of Ashdown, home of Christopher Robin, leaving a trail of death and mayhem in his wake. Will the group be able to exact their revenge on their creator?


Director: Jean-Stephane Sauvaire
U.S. Release: March 29
U.K. Release: TBA

ASPHALT CITY (Vertical Entertainment)

Ollie Cross (Tye Sheridan) is a young paramedic assigned to the NYC night shift with seasoned partner Gene Rutkovsky (Sean Penn). During the film, we witness firsthand just how many emergencies there are and just how dangerous and uncertain it can be to put one’s life on the line every day.


Director: Guillaume Maïdatchevsky
U.S. Release: March 29
U.K. Release: TBA

A CAT’S LIFE: Trailer (Blue Fox Entertainment)

Aaptated from popular French novel “Rroû” by Maurice Genevoix, A Cat’s Life a family film about the friendship between a girl and a cat who learn how to grow up together. It all begins when Clémence (Capucine Sainson-Fabresse) rescues a kitten and names her Lou, and this leard to an unbreakable bond. But Lou disappears into the wood while they’re on holiday, and an adventure begins.


Director: Robert Lorenz
Global Release: March 29

In The Land of Saints and Sinners: Film Review – Loud And Clear
Film Review: In The Land of Saints and Sinners has some fine performances and scenery, but it can’t decide on a tone, with awkward results.

Ireland, 1970s. Finbar Murphy (Liam Neeson) leads a quiet life, having left behind a very different, more dangerous kind of life. But when terrorists arrive to the remote coastal town of Glencolmcille, Finbar is drawn into a game of cat and mouse. What will he choose between exposing his secret identity or defending his people?


Director: Alba Rochrwacher
U.S. Release: March 29
U.K. Release: May 10

La Chimera Review: Fleeting Beauty in Life – Loud And Clear Reviews
Alice Rohrwacher’s new film La Chimera expertly examines the fleeting beauty in life from the tombs of the ancient dead.

Who doesn’t have a Chimera – something that’s out of your reach but that you still try to achieve nonetheless? For the grave diggers, or “tombaroli,” that we meet in the film, that Chimera assumes many shapes. To Arthur (Josh O’Connor), it’s a woman he lost and he wants to find again. In the film, we follow him as he embarks on a journay between the living and the dead to find her. Also starring Carol Duarte, Alba Rohrwacher, and Isabella Rossellini.


Director: Adam Wingard
Global Release: March 29


The epic battle begins again with the new chapter of Legendary Pictures’ cinematic Monsterverse, following Godzilla vs. Kong. This new adventure sees Kong and Godzilla fight a new threat hidden within our world that challenging both their existence and our own.


Director: Moshe Rosenthal
U.S. Release: March 29 in NY and LA

Karaoke (Greenwich Entertainment)

Upper middle class couple Meir (Iraq-born Sasson Gabay) and Tova (Morocco-born Rita Shukrun) have two grown daughters and are seemingly resigned to their semi-retirement in their apartment complex in Tel Aviv.  One day, they meet the charismatic Itzik (Lior Ashkenazi), a talent agent from Miami who’s just arrived to the buildine and now occupies the penthouse. There, he throws wild Karaoke parties, and everyone is annoyed by the noise. But when Meir and Tova get invited to one of the parties, their lives are changed for good.


Director: Helena Coan
U.S. Release: March 29 in theaters and on demand
U.K. Release: TBA


The film explores the case of a 21-year-old British backpacker named Grace Millane who was murdered in New Zealand while on a solo holiday. The documentary mainly looks at the attitudes we have when it comes to violence towards women.


Director: Bob Byington
U.S. Release: March 29
U.K. Release: TBA

Lousy Carter Review: Uncomfortable Dramedy  – Loud And Clear
Lousy Carter, a dry dramedy about a terminally ill literary professor coming to terms with his mortality, is too uncomfortable to be funny.

David Krumholtz is a literature professor at a college campus who leads an ordinary existence, until one day he learns that he only has six months to live. Can he change his life? Martin Starr, Olivia Thirlby, Jocelyn DeBoer, Macon Blair, and Stephen Root also star in this new comedy from Bob Byington.


Director: Thea Sharrock
U.S. Release: March 29
U.K. Release: February 23

Wicked Little Letters Review: Witty British Comedy – Loud And Clear Reviews
Thea Sharrock’s Wicked Little Letters is a witty British comedy that overcomes its narrative and tonal woes.

It’s 1920s England, and there’s a scandal at a seaside town. Wicked Little Letters is based on a true story and revolves around two neighbors. When one of them – conservative local Edith (Olivia Colman) starts to receive letters full of unintentionally funny profanities, the entire community think they come from Rose (Jessie Buckley), a rowdy Irish migrant. But the letters lead to uproars, and eventually a trial: it’s up to the women (and Police Officer Gladys Moss) to investigate. Is Rose really the culprit?


MARCH 1, 2024


Director: Dominic Morris
U.K. Release: March 1
U.S. Release: TBA

COMBAT WOMBAT: DOUBLE TROUBLE: Trailer (Signature Entertainment)

Maggie Diggins aka Combat Wombat finds life too demanding. The Sanctuary City crime rate is at an all time low, and so she spends her days helping unclog drains and filing tax returns, much to her disappointment. But when an evil tech genius threatens to trap the city in a metaverse simulation, Maggie and Sweetie join forces again.


Director: Hilmar Oddsson
U.K. Release: March 1
U.S. Release: TBA

DRIVING MUM: Trailer (Tull Stories)

When Jon’s mother passes away, he loses his anchor. Her last wish was to be taken to her home village in Iceland to her final rest, and so Jon embarks on a journey to do just that. Little does he know that his life will find new meaning too.

MARCH 8-15, 2024


Director: Elliott Hasler
U.K. & Irish Release: March 8
U.S. Release: TBA

VINDICATION SWIM: Trailer (Picnik Entertainment)

The film tells the inspirational true story of Mercedes Gleitze, who became the first British woman to swim the English Channel in 1927 and subsequently had to battle to retain her legacy when confronted with a rival who claimed to have accomplished the same feat.


Director: Warwick Thornton
U.K. Release: March 11
U.S. Release: TBA

THE NEW BOY: Trailer (Signature Entertainment)

It’s 1940s Australia, and a renegade nun named Sister Eileen runs a mission for Indigenous Australian children in a monastery. One night, a boy is delivered who seems to have special powers, and who also immediately becomes transfixed by Jesus. But the boy’s Indigenous spiritual life becomes a threat to the monastery, and Sister Eileen must choose between her faith and the truth she finds in the boy.


Director: Ramata-Toulaye Sy.
U.K. & Irish Release: March 15
U.S. Release: June 16

VINDICATION SWIM: Trailer (We Are Parable)

Banel and Adama live in a village in northern Senegal. They are in love, and that is all that matters to them. But one day, drought strikes their community and their idyllic existence changes forever.

MARCH 22, 2024


Director: Rodrigo Moreno
U.K. Release: March 22
U.S. Release: out now on digital and on demand

The Delinquents (2023): Film Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
Film Review: Argentinian director Rodrigo Moreno’s The Delinquents is an intriguing bank heist film/romance drama enhanced by its parallels.

Argentinian director Rodrigo Moreno takes us to Buenos Aires, where bank employee Morán (Daniel Eliás) decides to liberate himself from corporate monotony. His plan? Stealing enough money to support a retirement, then confess and serve time while his co-worker holds on to the cash. But an investigator puts pressure on his accomplice (Esteban Bigliardi), who escapes to hide the money and ends up meeting a mysterious woman who changes his life forever.


Director: Maryam Keshavarz 
U.K. Release: March 22
U.S. Release: out now on digital and on demand!


Iranian-American Leila (Layla Mohammadi) strives to find balance between her opposing background and cultures, despite the labels society projects upon her. But when her family reunites in New York City for her father’s heart transplant, her attempts to keep her current life separate from her family fail, and as a result, she discovers many parallels between her mother’s life and her own.

MARCH 29, 2024


Director: Charles Crichton
U.K. Release: March 29 in cinemas, April 22 in a 4K UHD Collector’s Edition and on Digital

THE LAVENDER HILL MOB: Trailer (StudioCanal)

Henry Holland (Alec Guiness) has worked faithfully for 20 years as a bank transfer agent. Though he’s about to retire and he’s also shy and often not acknowledged by his co-workers, Henry has a dream: he would like to execute the perfect gold robbery, and the only thing that prevented him to do so is not knowing how to move the gold on once stolen. Enter Pendlebury (Stanley Holloway), a souvenir maker who offers forge the gold into Eiffel Towers and smuggle it into France.


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