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William Stottor

For many years my phone alarm was set to the opening theme of Taxi Driver, which is unsurprisingly a very dramatic and rather dark way to wake up. It was just one way for me to experience the wonderful world of film and more specifically scores and soundtracks, a passion that was ignited when I was just a teenager seeing Danny Boyle’s Sunshine in the cinema for the first time. Watching films is a huge part of my life and I am in a constant battle with my ever-growing watchlist.

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Ham on Rye: A Fresh Take on the Coming-of-age Genre (Review)

Ham on Rye takes a genre as old as time and adds a new and unique direction to it, marking director Tyler Taormina as one to watch.

Casino (Film Review): Scorsese’s Overlooked Masterpiece

Highly regarded but sometimes momentarily forgotten, Casino is still one of Martin Scorsese’s crowning achievements.

The Rental: A Horror That Tries Too Much (Review)

Restrained and patient, The Rental has glimmers of potential without ever becoming the memorable, intelligent horror it seems to want to be.

Driveways (Review): The Film We All Need Right Now

Driveways is both a fitting farewell to Brian Dennehy and an uplifting message for people everywhere, a film all should see and all can appreciate.