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Olivia Savage

Discovering coming-of-age films as I came of age myself was what got me hooked on the movies. From there, I’ve become an enthusiast for all different kinds of genres, and I wouldn’t be able to define my film taste if I tried. I am a Film graduate, and an Arts & Lifestyle student, with aspirations to become a film and literary critic in the future. Amongst my favourite films are Paris, Texas and Buffalo ’66, although let’s be honest, that will probably change by tomorrow.

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The Capote Tapes (Review): He Was Every Man and No Man

The Capote Tapes is a fascinating homage to one of America’s greatest novelists and most talked about socialite.

The Last Bus (Review): Timothy Spall Dazzles in Road-for-Romance Movie

The Last Bus presents a mesmerising Timothy Spall, who plays a heroic OAP duty-bound to take on one last trip.

The Last Letter from Your Lover: Nostalgia and the Eternality of Love (Review)

The Last Letter from Your Lover’s dual narrative unites generations of romanticists in its captivating look at the omnipresence of love.

Honeydew: Sawyer Spielberg Stars in Lacklustre Horror (Review)

Honeydew is a respectable horror until its twist forfeits any believability, turning it into an illogical comedy that will leave you confused.

My First Summer: A Tender Tale of Young Sapphic Love (BFI Flare Review)

.My First Summer is a dazzling young coming-of-age story that encapsulates the magic of first love with a surety commonly displayed by more established directors.

Our Father (SXSW Review): The Complexities of Sorrow and Sisterhood

Our Father is a compelling story of sisters under strain. Reuniting in a pursuit of selfhood and purpose, will they find what they’re looking for?

Our Midnight: A Captivating Ode To Lost Souls (GFF Review)

Our Midnight addresses the directionless and disheartened with its story of two strangers who find solace together in the sleeping streets of Seoul.

Lady Bird: A Film for All Ages (Review)

Lady Bird is sure to withstand the test of time, with its multifaceted coming-of-age tale that holds a lesson for all.