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Myrthe Leenders

Literature graduate turned exhibition designer, pretty versatile, always adventurous. Loves mixing books with social events. There’s never a moment not to analyse plot twists, character developments, denouements, or disjointed narratives – in life or on screen. Great lover of coffee, 90s teen drama and Kelly MacDonald. My superhero skill is writing reviews with a chronic writers-block.

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The Lost Leonardo: Buzz and Fuzz in the Art World (Tribeca Review)

The Lost Leonardo lures you into a secretive and lucrative art world and reveals the dynamics and politics at play while following, presumably, Da Vinci’s lost painting.

Sunflowers: Riveting Documentary on Van Gogh ’s Passion (Review)

Sunflowers is a colourful and compelling documentary that focuses on Van Gogh’s passion for nature and colour through an exploration of his Sunflower paintings.

Flashback (2021) Film Review: Psychological Puzzle Thrills

Flashback is a mind-bending psychological thriller that infinitely stretches our notions of time and space into a complex puzzle with no exit.

I Used To Be Normal (Review): Fangirling At Its Finest

I Used to Be Normal delves deeper into the world of boyband fandom and reflects on how identities and lives can be formed through a great love for musicians.

Zebra Girl: British Mental Health Thriller Disappoints (Review)

Zebra Girl is an aesthetically pleasing British thriller whose female protagonist gives mental health a bad reputation in its representation.

Berlin Alexanderplatz (Review): Despair Leads to Damnation

Berlin Alexanderplatz, where despair turns into unconventional romance and the fight for survival is reflected in an attempt to be good in the societal periphery.

Here Are the Young Men (Review): Nihilistic Irish Teens Renegade

Here Are the Young Men captivates an unsettling summer for four Irish teenagers, and depicts how traumatic events lure them into nihilistic violence.

Hope: Tender Love Heals in Scandinavian Drama (Review)

Starring Stellan Skarsgård as the husband of a terminally ill cancer patient, Hope is a Scandinavian drama that reminds us that tender love is all that matters.

In Bed with Victoria: A Comedic Drama on Modern Women (FFF Review)

In Bed with Victoria is a comical and dramatic take on the chaotic life of a modern woman which demonstrates how catastrophic private and work life imbalance can be.

Love Affairs: Subtly Complex Love Story Enchants (FFF Review)

Love Affairs is a delicious and delightful artwork on the intricacies of love and relationships, and the intimacy that grows between people through storytelling.