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Elisa Teneggi

Elisa Teneggi, Social Media Manager at Loud and Clear Reviews. Born a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Food addicted, self-proclaimed Chocolate Eater in Chief, and penguin lover. Part-time worker @ Double R Diner in Twin Peaks who comes from New Orleans but (sometimes) speaks with an Italian accent. I love to watch films I can’t understand, but I adore Stanley Kubrick more. If you see me at the movies, don’t sit next to me. P.S. I hate describing myself.

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The True History of the Kelly Gang (Review): Kurzel’s meat pie Western

In The True History of the Kelly Gang, Macbeth director Justin Kurzel unleashes the power of the cruel gods of love and hate in a rough masterpiece-in-progress.

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And Then We Danced: Film Review

In And Then We Danced, writer-director Levan Akin unearths his Georgian roots and weaves a delicate, insightful coming-of-age tale.

Dreamland (Review): the Weirdest Movie you’ll Ever See

In Dreamland, director Bruce McDonald and actor Stephen McHattie join forces and stage a quizzical,…

Netflix Binge Watching: A Short Guide to Healthy-Snacking

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Emma (2020) Film Review: Taylor-Joy Charms in Austen Adaptation

Anya Taylor-Joy charms in Autumn De Wilde’s Austen Adaptation Emma, a beautiful portrait of womanhood.