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Olivia Savage

Discovering coming-of-age films as I came of age myself was what got me hooked on the movies. From there, I’ve become an enthusiast for all different kinds of genres, and I wouldn’t be able to define my film taste if I tried. I am a Film graduate, and an Arts & Lifestyle student, with aspirations to become a film and literary critic in the future. Amongst my favourite films are Paris, Texas and Buffalo ’66, although let’s be honest, that will probably change by tomorrow.

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The King of Comedy (Film Review): Scorsese’s Satirical Masterpiece

In his underrated comedy thriller The King of Comedy, Martin Scorsese offers an astute commentary on celebrity culture.

Fanny and Alexander (Review): Bergman’s Classic Returns to Cinemas

Back on the big screen after 40 years, Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander will win your heart with its touching tale of grief and familial love.

Klondike (LFF Review): Domestic Drama Meets War Film

Klondike offers an intimate look at the war on Donbas through the lens of a struggling Ukrainian couple.

Something You Said Last Night: Film Review

Something You Said Last Night tackles the struggles of a millennial trans woman with a nuance and introspectiveness that many new adults will value.

I Used to Be Famous (Review): A Feel-Good Film about Unlikely Friendship

I Used to Be Famous is an emotional rollercoaster, showcasing the restorative power of friendship and music through a story of forgotten fame.

The Best Movies on Netflix (US) Right Now: August 2022

If you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix (US) right now, here are the best movies currently available to stream in August 2022.

All High School Musical Films Ranked

With a Troy and Gabriella reunion on the horizon, we ranked all three High School Musical films from worst to best.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Review: Thor Odinson Reborn

In Thor: Ragnarok, Kiwi director and MCU newcomer Taika Waititi breathes new life into the Norse God, resulting in one of Marvel’s best instalments to date.

Wild at Heart (Review): Lynch’s Fever-Dream Road Movie

David Lynch’s electrically charged, absurdist road movie is Wild at Heart and weird on top.

The Staircase (Review): The True Crime Case That Keeps on Giving

Antonio Campos’ new compelling HBO Max miniseries The Staircase provides further insight into one of America’s most perplexing true crime cases.