Olivia Savage

My film-loving roots come from watching Marvel movies with my brother as a kid, but blossomed after watching Call Me By Your Name. This film gave me my first conscious memory of receiving film as an art form. I am currently a Film Studies student, dabbling in all things film related in my spare time too. Amongst my favourite films are Paris, Texas and Her, although let’s be honest, that will probably change by tomorrow.

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All High School Musical Films Ranked From Worst to Best

With a Troy and Gabriella reunion on the horizon, we ranked all three High School Musical films from worst to best.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Review: Thor Odinson Reborn

In Thor: Ragnarok, Kiwi director and MCU newcomer Taika Waititi breathes new life into the Norse God, resulting in one of Marvel’s best instalments to date.

Wild at Heart (Review): Lynch’s Fever-Dream Road Movie

David Lynch’s electrically charged, absurdist road movie is Wild at Heart and weird on top.

The Staircase (Review): The True Crime Case That Keeps on Giving

Antonio Campos’ new compelling HBO Max miniseries The Staircase provides further insight into one of America’s most perplexing true crime cases.

loud and clear reviews heartstopper films to watch if you liked series
5 Coming-of-Age Films to Watch if you Liked Heartstopper

Loud and Clear’s recommendations of 5 coming-of-age films to watch if you liked Heartstopper (so you can fill the void).

Conversations with Friends (Review): The Age of the Flawed Protagonist

Conversations with Friends signifies the new age of storytelling with its refreshing meditation on morality and love.

Over/Under (Review): The Growing Pains of Adolescence

Sophia Silver’s Over/Under explores the growing pains of adolescence in her moving coming-of-age drama.

Rebecca (1940) Film Review: A Masterclass in the Psychodrama

Even eighty years after its release, Alfred Hitchcock’s psychodrama Rebecca is still one of the most haunting films in Hollywood.

Casablanca Beats (Review): An Exploration of Rap as Revolution

Casablanca Beats is an eye-opening and uplifting film that encourages rap as a revolutionary tool for change in a highly religious, indigent society.

The 5 Best True Crime Documentaries on Netflix

Need something to watch this weekend? Take a look at our recommendations for the 5 best true crime documentaries currently streaming on Netflix.