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2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch

Official poster for 2024 tribeca film festival, which consists of the writing "Tribeca Festival" repeated 5 times in different colors and sizes on a black background

Which movies will you watch at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival? We made a list of 15 movies you don’t want to miss, from anticipated releases to hidden gem!

The 2024 Tribeca Film Festival is about to begin, and we made a list of 15 films to watch! The festival will take place in New York on June 5-16, 2024, and the lineup is fantastic! If you’re not sure of which movies you should add to your watchlist, we have you covered. Our writers Ben Sears, Edgar Ortega, and Hayley Croke, who’ll be attending Tribeca for Loud And Clear Reviews this year, recommend some films that you don’t want to miss at the festival! Check their list below, in alphabetical order, including a mix of anticipated releases, promising watches, and hidden gems! Come back soon for our reviews, and happy watching!



Director & Writer: Christine Jeffs
Country: New Zealand

Elizabeth Banks looks down, leaning on a blue wall, in the movie A Mistake, one of the 15 films to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival according to Loud and Clear Reviews
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – A Mistake (Cornerstone Pictures, Tribeca)

Whether it is behind or in front of the camera, Elizabeth Banks (The Beanie Bubble) knows how to deliver a joke. Yet, it is very refreshing when we get to see her take on more serious moments within a film or TV show. That is exactly what Christine Jeffs’ A Mistake is promising to give audiences: Banks in a more dramatic role. Here, Dr. Beth Taylor is a surgeon at the top of her field, where her life is thrown into disarray following a human error in this medical thriller. (Edgar Ortega)



Director: Daniel Robbins
Writers: Zack Weiner, Daniel Robbins
Country: United States

People sit at a table and look at a camera for a photo in the movie Bad Shabbos, one of the 15 films to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival according to Loud and Clear Reviews
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Bad Shabbos (Liquid Glaff LLC, Tribeca)

With some films, you’re hooked just from the list of cast members. With Bad Shabbos, director Daniel Robbins has assembled a cast including Kyra Sedgwick, Milana Vayntrub, and Method Man. The film centers on the parents of an interfaith couple meeting for the first time at a Shabbat dinner. Bad Shabbos is labeled as a comedy, despite Robbins’ previous filmography leaning closer to horror, so expect a potent mix of both genres. (Ben Sears)



Director & Writer: Julian Glander
Country: United States

An animated picture of a boy sitting on a trampoline by an empty pool in the movie Boys Go To Jupiter, one of the 15 films to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival according to Loud and Clear Reviews
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Boys Go To Jupiter (Glanderco, Tribeca)

Julian Glander transforms suburban Florida into a 3D animated wonderland in this surrealist coming-of-age story. The film follows in the visual style of Glander’s other projects, such as Art Sqool, and features a plethora of all-star voice talent like Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), Sarah Sherman (Saturday Night Live) and Julio Torres (Problemista). 

The film tells the story of Billy 500, a delivery driver who seems to be pretty aimless. The day after Christmas during a normal dropoff, Billy becomes responsible for a mysterious egg that hatches a creature from an alien planet. This sends Billy’s life into shambles as he is forced to act quickly and make decisions about life, love and money. The film also holds a musical element to it that promises to deliver some absolute hits. (Hayley Croke)



Director: Andrew McCarthy
Country: United States

Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy look at a phone screen and laugh in the documentary Brats, one of the 15 films to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival according to Loud and Clear Reviews
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Brats (ABC News Studios, Tribeca)

For his documentary, Brats, premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, actor/director/writer Andrew McCarthy crossed the country to interview and reconnect with fellow Brat Pack members of 80s film fame. Brat Pack members Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez and many more are sitting down to talk about what it truly meant to be in the Brat Pack and how this cultural phenomenon impacted their lives both personally and professionally. 

This is the first time we will see a movie on the Brat Pack from a member of the group, who witnessed the entire depth of this experience firsthand. These actors were the hottest talent in town, at the absolute pinnacle of fame and McCarthy intends to lift the curtain on what this moment was truly like as described by the people whose lives were forever changed by it. (Hayley Croke)



Director & Writer: Christy Hall
Country: United States

Daddio Trailer (Sony Pictures Classics)

Starring Dakota Johnson (Madame Web) and Sean Penn (Superpower), Daddio follows the story of a young woman hopping in a yellow taxi to Manhattan after landing at JFK airport. Her cab driver strikes up a conversation leading to an open conversation about life, love and loss. With the film primarily taking place within the confines of a yellow taxi, it stands as a love letter to New York City and the albeit random, yet genuine connection that lies in every corner of the city. 

The movie has already garnered buzz, citing two stellar performances from Johnson and Penn and an impressive feat by filmmaker Christy Hall. Johnson is also in the movie as a producer, as she is in most of the films she stars in. With its emphasis on New York City, it stands to be the perfect place for Daddio’s New York premiere. (Hayley Croke)



Director & Writer: Naomi Jaye
Country: Canada

A couple walks on the street at night in the movie  Darkest Miriam, one of the 15 films to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival according to Loud and Clear Reviews
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Darkest Miriam (Tribeca)

Coming from Canada, Darkest Miriam tells the story of a librarian called Miriam who has started a love affair with a cab driver named Janko in the midst of the grief that surrounds her. As the affair continues, she begins to find vaguely threatening letters cracking her sheltered existence wide open. 

From the sounds of the movie’s official synopsis, it seems Darkest Miriam has the potential to fall in line with the long list of mysterious thrillers that have been emerging from film festivals within the past few years, all of which center around complex romantic relationships. Films such as Decision to Leave or Anatomy of a Fall. The formula of this movie is what makes it worth keeping an eye out for as the next potential hit out of the festival season. (Hayley Croke)



Director: Karim Aïnouz
Writers: Henrietta Ashworth, Jessica Ashworth
Country: UK, United States

Firebrand Clip (Mistress Seymour)

It feels a little strange for Firebrand, a film which premiered at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, and stars Oscar winner Alicia Vikander and Oscar nominee Jude Law, to only now reach the United States at the Tribeca Film Festival. Nevertheless, director Karim Aïnouz’s film looks to be a grounded historical biopic, following the life of Katherine Parr (Vikander), the sixth and final wife of Henry VIII (Law). Both Vikander and Law are reliable presences who are due for a sort of comeback worthy of their talents, and the real-life tale of Parr is fascinating, so Firebrand is sure to be one to look out for. (Ben Sears)



Director: Neil Berkeley
Country: United States

A woman with a black bob haircut looks to her right in the movie Group Therapy, one of the 15 films to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival according to Loud and Clear Reviews
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Group Therapy (Hartbeat, Tribeca)

Film festivals like Tribeca always carry hidden gems within the documentary genre. Some of the year’s most underrated movies can often be found here. Produced by Kevin Hart, Group Therapy seeks to explore issues of mental health by having comedians from both the stage and screen discuss such topics. It seems like a reason why the documentary took this approach is to show how even successful people in the industry can suffer from anxiety, depression, amongst other disorders. It stars Neil Patrick Harris (Doctor Who), Mike Birbiglia (A Man Called Otto), Nicole Byer (Velma), Gary Gulman (Joker), London Hughes (Sumotherhood), Tig Notaro (Star Trek: Discovery), and Atsuko Okatsuka (Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse). (Edgar Ortega)



Director: Morrisa Maltz
Writers: Morrisa Maltz, Vanara Taing, Lainey Bearkiller Shangreaux, Andrew Hajek
Country: United States

A young woman with long black hair looks to her right in the movie Jazzy, one of the 15 films to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival according to Loud and Clear Reviews
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Jazzy (Cold Iron Pictures, Tribeca)

One of this year’s most highly anticipated premieres is Jazzy. The story focuses on a young girl growing up on the Oglala Lakota reservation in South Dakota navigating the transition from childhood to adulthood after her best friend moves away. It is her first visceral experience with loss and her first taste of unbridled independence. The film takes a magnifying glass to the joys and heartbreaks of childhood friendships and growing into oneself.

This feature is a highly anticipated second team-up from Morrisa Maltz and Lily Gladstone following the award-winning The Unknown Country, which earned Gladstone the Gothman Award for Outstanding Lead Performance. This is also Gladstone’s first follow-up film coming off her Oscar campaign for last year’s Killers of the Flower Moon directed by Martin Scorsese, who will also be in attendance at this year’s festival. (Hayley Croke)



Director & Writer: Rich Peppiatt
Country: Ireland

Two people hold a third person with a multicolored mask that covers their whole face in the movie Kneecap, one of the 15 films to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival according to Loud and Clear Reviews
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Kneecap (Tribeca)

Buzz out of this year’s Sundance Film Festival was mostly positive for Kneecap, where it won the Audience Award – NEXT. Writer and director Rich Peppiatt’s film follows a rap trio in Belfast, and received comparisons to Trainspotting for its grounded, drug-fueled exploits. That the central trio is played by the real-life musicians – along with a supporting performance from Michael Fassbender – certainly helps its cinéma véritébona fides. Kneecap is Peppiatt’s debut feature, and a positive reception at Tribeca could put him on the map of exciting voices to look out for. (Ben Sears)



Director: Nnamdi Asomugha
Writers: Nnamdi Asomugha, Mark Duplass
Country: United States

A man stares at the camera with a serious face in the movie The Knife, one of the 15 films to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival according to Loud and Clear Reviews
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – The Knife (Duplass Brothers Productions, Tribeca)

The Tribeca Film Festival is a place where many filmmakers will be showing their debut feature, and perhaps no debut feature is more intriguing than The Knife. The director in question (and co-writer, with Mark Duplass) is Nnamdi Asomugha, the former NFL cornerback, whose post-football career has transitioned to Hollywood, mostly as a producer and occasional actor.

In The Knife, Asomugha leads a cast including Melissa Leo, Aja Naomi King, and Manny Jacinto, in a film about a mysterious stranger, a family, and a detective. Athletes sometimes get a bad rap once they step in front of the camera, but with recent gems like Kevin Garnett in Uncut Gems and Marshawn Lynch in Bottoms, and praises for Asomugha’s previous roles, The Knife could mark a new level for the former athlete. (Ben Sears)



Director: Jeffrey Reiner
Country: United States

Two people look at the camera in the movie Lake George, one of the 15 films to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival according to Loud and Clear Reviews
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Lake George (LuckyBuck Productions Inc., Tribeca)

Shea Whigham (Eileen) and Carrie Coon (Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire) are two insanely entertaining character actors who make any production much better with their presence alone. So, with these two leading a neo-noir dark comedy, it’s a match made in heaven. Lake George follows a pair of misfit oddballs striking a deal too big to pass up – and maybe too good to be true – as they set out on a road trip and redemption story. (Edgar Ortega)



Director: Michael Angarano
Writers: Michael Angarano & Christopher Nicholas Smith
Country: United States

Four characters hug each other and look happy in the movie Sacramento
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Sacramento(Tribeca)

Michael Angarano (Oppenheimer) takes a crack at the buddy comedy premise with a solid cast that includes Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim Takes Off), Kristen Stewart (Sunset Sasquatch), Angarano himself, and Maya Erskine (Mr. & Mrs. Smith). The film centers around free-spirited Ricky – played by Angarano – who decides to embark on a sudden road trip from Los Angeles to Sacramento, but not before dragging his former friend and now father-to-be Glenn (Michael Cera) with him. Sacramento sounds like a throwback comedy you’d see in the 90s and early 2000s. The kind you’d leave the theater with a smile on your face. (Edgar Ortega)



Director: Arthur Bradford
Country: United States

A still from Casa Bonita in the movie Saving Casa Bonita
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Saving Casa Bonita (Showtime, Tribeca)

Like most boys of the 90s, I grew up watching South Park religiously – mostly against my parents’ wishes. So when reading the synopsis of Arthur Bradford’s documentary Saving Casa Bonita, I instantly recognized the reference to the season 7 episode of the show. The documentary follows South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker as they seek to rescue and restore the Denver restaurant that they so fondly remember from their childhood. Whether you have the same fondness for South Park or not, Saving Casa Bonita looks to be an interesting depiction of nostalgia and holding on to what we love. (Ben Sears)



Director: Tiffany Paulsen 
Writers: Tiffany Paulsen & Dan Schoffer 
Country: United States

A couple leans on each other in the movie Winter Spring Summer or Fall
2024 Tribeca Film Festival: 15 Films to Watch – Winter Spring Summer or Fall (Republic Pictures, Tribeca)

Jenna Ortega (Miller’s Girl) is clearly one of the most exciting rising talents in town thanks to her work in juggernauts like Wednesday, Scream, and the upcoming Tim Burton sequel Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. In Tiffany Paulsen’s directorial debut Winter Spring Summer or Fall, Ortega stars opposite her Wednesday co-star Percy Hynes White. This coming-of-age love story is about a Harvard-bound girl genius and a laid-back guy, who find each other in their final year of high school. Every once in a while, Ortega allows herself to get involved in quieter films such as The Fallout, where we get to see a different side of her. We hope Winter Spring Summer or Fall is no different and delivers more diverse work from the actress. (Edgar Ortega)


The 2024 Tribeca Film Festival will take place on June 5-16, 2024.

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