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Genre: Horror

The horror genre is one of film fans’ favorite genres. It encompasses many subgenres, from slasher to body horror, comedy horror, and found footage. And then there are supernatural horror, psychological horror, splatter movies, and more. Why do we love horror movies? Because they keep our eyes glued to the screen, with plenty of jump scares. But they also have an underlying message.

The best films in the horror genre are atmospheric and immersive. Some made history for how they innovated with the medium. Think of the narrative in The Shining, or how Spielberg terrified us with the use of a single note in Jaws. And then there are beloved horror franchises like Halloween, Scream, Evil Dead, The Conjuring, Saw, Wrong Turn.

On this page you’ll find all of Loud and Clear’s reviews of horror film and shows, from classics like It Follows to modern favorites like Raw, His House, and Talk to Me.