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Zoë Kravitz’s Blink Twice: Everything We Know

Channing Tatum takes a polaroid, smiling, in the Zoë Kravitz movie Blink Twice, used in an article with everything we know about the film

Zoë Kravitz’s directorial debut Blink Twice is coming soon! Here’s everything we know about the movie, from plot and cast to release date and more!

Blink Twice, Zoë Kravitz’s directorial debut, is coming, and here’s everything we know about it! The incredible cast attached to the project, the talent behind the camera, and the film’s intriguing plot make it one of the most anticipated movies of the year. But what is Zoë Kravitz’s Blink Twice about? Who stars in it? When and where can we see it? Where was it filmed? Will the movie be rated R? If you’re asking yourself these questions, we’re here to answer. Keep scrolling for all you need to know about the film, from US, UK and global release date to plot, cast, development history, and more!

Blink Twice is about a tech billionaire named Slater King (Channing Tatum, of Magic Mike’s Last Dance) who hosts a fundraising gala where he meets a cocktail waitress named Frida (Naomi Ackie, of Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody). Sparks fly, and the billionaire invites Frida to spend some time on his private island, along with some of his friends. The holiday begins and, at first, it’s paradise. But strange things begin to take place, and Frida starts to realize that things aren’t what they seem. Something is wrong in the island, and she’ll have to find out what it is if she wants to make it out alive.

What is the Development History of Zoë Kravitz’s Movie?

Zoë Kravitz started working on the movie in 2017, when it was supposed to be called Pussy Island. The development process was pretty long: the The Batman star told Indiewire that she spent 5 years writing and perfecting the script, alongside co-writer E. T. Feigenbaum, whom she knew from the series High Fidelity. But with the advent of the #MeToo movement, following charges against Harvey Weinstein, the screenplay evolved into something different, which was more focused on power dynamics.

The initial title of Blink Twice was Pussy Island, which Kravitz told Deadline had multiple meanings. The most obvious one has to do with her experience of the way men treat women in the film industry, particularly when it comes to men bringing women to parties. But then it also assumed an ironic meaning, in terms of how evolved we think we are with our current approach to sexual politics, when there’s still so much history that people haven’t moved on from.

In January 2024, the title changed to Blink Twice. We don’t know why, but it sounds like the writer-director-producer decided to go for a more subtle choice that still retains the irony. It could also allude to how used we are to certain dynamics that, just like Frida on the island, we need to “blink twice” to realize that something isn’t right.

Everything We Know About Zoë Kravitz’s Blink Twice – the first trailer (Amazon MGM Studios)

Zoë Kravitz is the director, writer, and producer of Blink Twice.

Zoë Kravitz wrote the film with Channing Tatum in mind for the lead role of Slater King, even if the two of them didn’t know each other when the director first approached Tatum. In the same Deadline article linked above, we learn that Kravitz appreciated that Tatum is a feminist, and that The Lost City star had an active role in developing the character with the director. Tatum was drawn to Slater King because it’s a role he doesn’t usually get to play, since he often gets typecast, and the experience was “scary and liberating”.

It looks like Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz, who are currently also dating, had a fantastic time on the set! They were the first to share pictures of each other from the set, with a series of cute Instagram posts. On January 26, 2024, Tatum posted a black and white photo and video on the set on Instagram with a caption that read “MISS DIRECTOR LADY HERSELF IN ACTION!! ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING IT. CAN’T WAIT FOR YALL TO SEE.”

The following day, Kravitz also took to Instagram, posting a polaroid of herself and Tatum with the “#BLINKTWICE in theaters august 23rd 🌴”.

The cast of Blink Twice is one of the reasons to be excited about it! As if Zoë Kravitz, Naomi Ackie and Channing Tatum weren’t enough to make us anticipate the film, they are joined by many beloved stars. Christian Slater (True Romance), Simon Rex (Red Rocket), Adria Arjona (Hit Man), Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense), Geena Davis (Beetlejuice 2), and Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) will all be in the movie. Most of them will be playing other guests on the island, but watch this space for more updates soon!

According to the distributor, Amazon MGM Studios, Blink Twice is rated R for strong violent content, sexual assault, drug use and language throughout, and some sexual references. Given the topic of the movie, we are not surprised.

Naomi Ackie looks directly at the camera in a scene from the Zoë Kravitz movie Blink Twice, used in an article with everything we know about the film
Everything We Know About Zoë Kravitz’s Blink Twice – Naomi Ackie in a scene from the trailer (Amazon MGM Studios)

Blink Twice was filmed in Mexico. Shooting begun in June 2022 and ended later in the year. The movie was then in post-production until February 2024.

Blink Twice has a release date, and here’s everything we know so far! The Zoë Kravitz film will open in theaters on August 23, 2024. It will be a global theatrical release, including US theaters and UK & Irish cinemas; the movie will be distributed by Amazon MGM in the US and by Warner Bros. in the UK and Europe. Though a streaming release date hasn’t been announced yet, based on previous Amazon MGM Releases like Challengers, we can expect it to hit Amazon Video and iTunes as a video-on-demand rental at some point in September 2024, followed by a Prime Video release.

It’s unlikely that Blink Twice will be out on Netflix, given that it’s distributed by Amazon MGM. The movie is more likely to stream on Prime Video, like previous Amazon releases that first had a theatrical release, like under the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer label, like The Boys in the Boat.

Yes, and yes! Scroll up on this page to watch the trailer, and take a look at the first poster for Blink Twice below!

Channing Tatum takes a polaroid in the official poster for the Zoë Kravitz movie Blink Twice, used in an article with everything we know about the film
Everything We Know About Zoë Kravitz’s Blink Twice – The official poster (Amazon MGM Studios)
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