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Zoe Rose Bryant

Though Zoë Rose Bryant has only worked in film criticism for a little under three years – turning a collegiate passion into a full-time career by writing for outlets such as Loud and Clear Reviews, Next Best Picture, and Awards Watch – her captivation with cinema has been a lifelong fascination, appreciating film in all its varying forms, from horror movies to heartfelt romantic comedies and everything in between. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, she made the move to Los Angeles in 2021 after graduating from college and now spends her days additionally working as a List Editor and occasional writer for Screen Rant (as she attempts to attend every screening under the sun). As a trans critic, she also seeks to champion underrepresented voices in the LGBTQ+ community in film criticism and offer original insight on how gender and sexuality are explored in modern entertainment.

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The Lost City (Review): Bullock & Tatum Are a Riot in Raucous Romcom

The Lost City is a terrific throwback to studio romcoms of the 90s and 00s, with two true-blue movie star performances from Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum.

To Leslie (SXSW Review): Riseborough & Maron Anchor Affecting Drama

To Leslie features a familiar plot, but with enough flourishes (and poignant performances from Andrea Riseborough & Marc Maron) to leave a lasting impression.

X (Review): Ti West’s A24 Slasher is a Treat

Ti West skillfully blends style with substance in A24’s X, delivering a riff on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with a few subversive – and sexy – twists.

Linoleum: Film Review

Linoleum may struggle to balance its storylines and juggle several tones, but thanks to poignant performances and a deeply felt finale, this sci-fi dramedy sticks the landing.

I Love My Dad: Film Review

I Love My Dad is a side-splitting and terrifically touching true story about the revitalization of one father-son relationship, shared sincerely by James Morosini.

Watcher: SXSW Film Review

Watcher doesn’t add anything new to the “stalker” subgenre but still satisfies thanks to a sustained sense of suspense throughout and Maika Monroe’s powerful performance.

Turning Red (Review): Pixar Tackles Puberty

Turning Red finds Pixar surveying some of its most mature subject matter yet while simultaneously retaining the studio’s signature heart and humor.

The Batman (2022) Film Review

The Batman (2022) is the only comic book adaptation since The Dark Knight to come close to recreating that cinematic achievement.

Death on the Nile (2022): Film Review

Death on the Nile is a handsomely helmed adaptation of Agatha Christie’s iconic source material, elevated by an all-star ensemble and pristine production values.

Alice (Film Review): Keke Palmer Shines in So-So Slavery Drama

Alice ‘s scattershot screenplay causes storytelling stumbles here or there, but Keke Palmer’s persistently persuasive lead performance (somewhat) steadies the ship.