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Zoe Rose Bryant

Though Zoë Rose Bryant has only worked in film criticism for a little under three years – turning a collegiate passion into a full-time career by writing for outlets such as Loud and Clear Reviews, Next Best Picture, and Awards Watch – her captivation with cinema has been a lifelong fascination, appreciating film in all its varying forms, from horror movies to heartfelt romantic comedies and everything in between. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, she made the move to Los Angeles in 2021 after graduating from college and now spends her days additionally working as a List Editor and occasional writer for Screen Rant (as she attempts to attend every screening under the sun). As a trans critic, she also seeks to champion underrepresented voices in the LGBTQ+ community in film criticism and offer original insight on how gender and sexuality are explored in modern entertainment.

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Vengeance (Film Review): B.J. Novak Takes America to Task

Vengeance is far more than its marketing would lead you to believe, as this murder mystery comedy doubles as an astute observation of modern American society.

Where the Crawdads Sing (Review): A Mesmerizing Mystery at the Marsh

Where the Crawdads Sing does its source material justice with an affecting adaptation delicately directed by Olivia Newman and dutifully led by Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Hustle (Review): Sandler Delivers in Stellar Sports Dramedy

Hustle doesn’t stray from common sports film clichés, but it’s elevated by the sharp and sincere Adam Sandler, who turns in one of his best performances to date.

Fire Island (Review): The Perfect Movie to Kick Off Pride Month

Fire Island is a riotous modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice that simultaneously offers revolutionary representation for diverse LGBTQ+ leads in romcoms.

Crimes of the Future: Film Review

Crimes of the Future finds David Cronenberg back to directing genre fare for the first time in over two decades, but this “comeback” leaves a bit to be desired.

Top Gun: Maverick (Review): Tom Cruise’s Long-Awaited Legacyquel Soars

Top Gun: Maverick represents the best of what blockbuster filmmaking can be, brilliantly blending spectacle with sentiment to exhilarating effect.

Men (2022) Film Review

Men represents Alex Garland’s return to horror and A24, serving up a social thriller that studies the malice of men, ably anchored by Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear.

Senior Year (Review): Rebel Wilson is a Riot in Newest Netflix Comedy

Senior Year doesn’t stray from tried-and-true tropes of the high school comedy subgenre, but it’s bolstered by a lively lead performance from Rebel Wilson.

Heartstopper (Review): The Show Queer Youth Need Now More Than Ever

Heartstopper is revolutionary representation for LGBTQ+ teens, offering affectionally acted and wittily written escapist entertainment from start-to-finish.

The Northman: Film Review

The Northman is an epic the likes of which we hardly see in Hollywood anymore, carefully curated by a master of the medium & packed with powerhouse performances.