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The Boys in the Band: An Affecting Adaptation of the Acclaimed LGBTQ+ Play (Review)

Netflix’s The Boys in the Band is just as stirring and sharp-witted onscreen as it in onstage, paying tribute to Mart Crowley’s timeless tale.

Kajillionaire: A Strange Yet Sweetly Sensitive Study of Toxic Familial Ties (Review)

Kajillionaire is a hilarious and heartfelt heist dramedy, led by an eccentric and enormously entertaining Evan Rachel Wood.

On the Rocks: Sofia Coppola’s Caper Comedy is Classically Charming (NYFF Review)

On the Rocks is light but lovely, dripping with delicious dialogue and capturing captivating chemistry between Rashida Jones and Bill Murray.

Nomadland: Frances McDormand Anchors an American Odyssey for the Ages (Review)

Nomadland is an earnest and empathetic epic on an intimate scale, powered by Frances McDormand’s poignant lead performance.

Unpregnant: Female-Led Road Trip Comedy is Touching, Timely, and Terrific (Review)

Unpregnant tackles touchy topics with a buoyant balance of hilarity and heart, handled honorably by its two laudable leading ladies.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things: Charlie Kaufman’s Latest Is Cryptic Yet Captivating (Review)

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is sometimes too esoteric for its own good, but it remains entirely engrossing the whole way through.

Bill & Ted Face the Music: Another ‘Most Triumphant’ Trek Through Time (Review)

Bill & Ted Face the Music recaptures the comedic charm of the original film while adding additional depth to the titular dynamic duo.

Unhinged: Russell Crowe’s Raucous Road Rage Thriller Terrifies (Review)

Unhinged may be a simple and straightforward story, but this suspenseful saga still offers exciting and explosive escapism.

The Morning Show: A Tremendous Take on Today’s #MeToo Movement (Review)

The Morning Show is a sharp-witted, subversive, and supremely sobering screed against sexual harassment in the workplace.

Bill & Ted: An Excellent and Ageless Adventure

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure has a supremely silly story that some may deem “dated,” but its classic charms are still just as entertaining as ever.