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A Christmas Carol: A Radical Retelling of the Timeless Tale (Review)

A Christmas Carol is one of the most innovative interpretations of this oft-told odyssey yet, combining cinema and stage work with artistic audaciousness.

Happiest Season: A Queer Christmas Comedy Classic (Review)

Happiest Season is a riotous recontextualization of Christmas comedy clichés and conventions, thanks to its affecting LGBTQ+ authenticity.

Run: Sarah Paulson is Petrifying in Hulu’s Horror Thriller (Review)

Run is a riveting rollercoaster ride from start to finish, pairing a pulse-pounding plot with powerhouse performances from Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen.

Freaky: Brilliant Body Swap Slasher Comedy is a Blast (Review)

Freaky is another wicked win for Happy Death Day’s Christopher Landon, who blazingly balances horror and humor in this subversive slasher.

The Life Ahead: Sophia Loren’s Radiant Return to Cinema (Review)

The Life Ahead serves as Sophia Loren’s heartfelt and high-spirited homecoming to film, and she is a fervent and fiery force to behold.

Let Him Go: Costner and Lane Wow In Tense Western Thriller (Review)

Let Him Go is an emotional and engaging Western epic that succeeds due to a stirring script and powerful performances – namely, a maniacal Lesley Manville.

Lucky Grandma: Tsai Chin’s Crime Comedy is Charmingly Chaotic (Review)

Lucky Grandma serves as a showcase for the side-splitting acting skills of star Tsai Chin first and foremost, amusing audiences everywhere.

Holidate: Raunchy Romcom is Simultaneously Snarky and Sweet (Review)

Holidate is a hilarious and heartfelt addition to the “holiday romcom” canon, carried commendably by Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey.

All Halloween Films Ranked (From Worst to Best)

With the holiday fast approaching and no new sequel to see, we revisited and ranked all Halloween films in the frightening franchise from worst to best.

Over the Moon: Netflix’s Moving and Multicolored Musical is Magnificent (Review)

Over the Moon spectacularly shines a light on Chinese culture with its affective animation, touching themes, and stellar soundtrack.