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Cherry: Tom Holland Captivates with a Career-Best Performance (Review)

Cherry is a towering American tragedy, tackling topics like PTSD and the opioid epidemic with earnestness and highlighting Tom Holland’s best work to date.

The Stylist: Sensitive Slasher Flick is a Ferocious Fright (Review)

The Stylist delicately details the beginning of a burgeoning serial killer and serves as a showcase for the acting talents of star Najarra Townsend.

The United States vs Billie Holiday: Dull, but Day Delivers (Review)

The United States vs Billie Holiday features a powerhouse performance from singer/songwriter Andra Day, but its story is sadly substandard.

I Care a Lot: Pike is a Powerhouse in Blistering Black Comedy (Review)

I Care a Lot balances biting social satire with brutal black humor to devilishly delicious effect, all while Rosamund Pike anchors the entire absurd affair.

Child Star Jacob Perez on “The Marksman”: A Personal Project (Interview)

In an interview with The Marksman’s Jacob Perez, we learn how the breakout star’s background strengthened his connection to the story.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever: An Enchanting Ending (Review)

To All the Boys: Always and Forever won’t attract the unconverted, but it’s a charming conclusion for fans of the franchise nonetheless.

Judas and the Black Messiah: Kaluuya Dominates Dynamite Drama (Sundance Review)

In ferociously fiery fashion, Judas and the Black Messiah offers insight on a man and a movement that’s been overlooked in history for far too long.

Palmer: Timberlake is Terrific in Touching Redemption Tale (Review)

Palmer ’s narrative is nothing new, but Justin Timberlake ’s passionate performance makes this movie a must-watch regardless.

The Dig: A Handsomely Mounted History Lesson (Review)

The Dig ’s story may be a tad overstuffed, but its entrancing ensemble – which features stars such as Carey Mulligan and Lily James – invites investment.

Euphoria: Second Special Episode is Schafer’s Shining Moment (Review)

Euphoria ’s second special episode is a stirring success, allowing Hunter Schafer’s Jules the time to share her story and set things straight.