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Olivia Savage

Discovering coming-of-age films as I came of age myself was what got me hooked on the movies. From there, I’ve become an enthusiast for all different kinds of genres, and I wouldn’t be able to define my film taste if I tried. I am a Film graduate, and an Arts & Lifestyle student, with aspirations to become a film and literary critic in the future. Amongst my favourite films are Paris, Texas and Buffalo ’66, although let’s be honest, that will probably change by tomorrow.

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loud and clear reviews heartstopper films to watch if you liked series
5 Coming-of-Age Films to Watch if you Liked Heartstopper

Loud and Clear’s recommendations of 5 coming-of-age films to watch if you liked Heartstopper (so you can fill the void).

Conversations with Friends (Review): The Age of the Flawed Protagonist

Conversations with Friends signifies the new age of storytelling with its refreshing meditation on morality and love.

Over/Under (Review): The Growing Pains of Adolescence

Sophia Silver’s Over/Under explores the growing pains of adolescence in her moving coming-of-age drama.

Rebecca (1940) Film Review: A Masterclass in the Psychodrama

Even eighty years after its release, Alfred Hitchcock’s psychodrama Rebecca is still one of the most haunting films in Hollywood.

Casablanca Beats (Review): An Exploration of Rap as Revolution

Casablanca Beats is an eye-opening and uplifting film that encourages rap as a revolutionary tool for change in a highly religious, indigent society.

The 5 Best True Crime Documentaries on Netflix

Need something to watch this weekend? Take a look at our recommendations for the 5 best true crime documentaries currently streaming on Netflix.

Moonlight (Review): The Poetry in Queer Blackness

With Moonlight, Barry Jenkins creates a modern-day classic with his breathtaking portrayal of an African American gay man who comes-of-age in a fractured society.

Silent Night (Review): Christmas Film Meets Apocalypse

Camille Griffin’s satirist Christmas film Silent Night is ambitious in its social commentary but forgettable in its narrative and nuance.

King Richard (Review): A Story of Heroes

King Richard is a heart-warming biopic that highlights the power of familial love and its ability to make dreams come true.

Birds of Paradise (Review): A Captivating Coming-of-Age Movie

Birds of Paradise tackles crucial coming-of-age dilemmas through the journey of two exceptional ballet dancers.