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Oleksandra Gumeniuk

Trying to find myself in the epic world of creativity. I am a future journalist who is passionate about art, fashion and cinematography. If you ask me what else, if not art, I would say criminology. As you could’ve guessed already, my go-to film genres are crime fiction and psychological drama.

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Banksy Most Wanted: Insightful Documentary Reveals the Pitfalls of the Art Market (Review)

An eye-opening documentary, Banksy Most Wanted explores hidden graffiti gems and presents an impartial investigation of Banksy’s persona, while exposing art dealers and their motives.

Atlantis: Post-war Realities with Sci-fi Elements (Review)

Post-apocalyptic drama Atlantis strikes with its realism, and offers a new, personal perspective on the war in Eastern Ukraine.

Ratched (Review): Terrific Psychological Drama Hits a Nerve

Based on Ken Kesey’s legendary novel One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Netflix series Ratched comes out as a successful combination of cult characters and intricate plot with a drop of madness and a sprinkle of 50’s aesthetics.

Ava: Intimate Family Drama Lacks Dynamism but Tackles Worthy Subjects (Review)

Ava tells the personal story of an Iranian teenager raised in a traditional society, tackling important themes such as child-rearing, women’s role in society and trust.

The Rifleman (Review): Banned WWI True Story Captures the Intensity of War (Review)

Based on a novel that was forbidden in the Soviet Union, The Rifleman shows us…

The End Of The F***ing World ‘s Season 2: Rebellious Teenagers Facing Adult Problems (Review)

Based on Charles Forsman’s comics, The End Of The F***ing World has become a must-watch because of its odd dark humour, psychopathic characters, and Graham Coxon’s mesmerizing score.

Queen Sono: Netflix’s first South African Series Captivates with Authenticity (Review)

Queen Sono is a thought-provoking show that embodies the juxtaposition between the beautiful South African…

RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Season 12: they are not just women; They are Drag Queens (Review)

Usually seen as just an entertaining show, RuPaul’s Drag Race unveils hidden talents, promotes freedom…