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Laney Gibbons

My love for film stems from watching Stand By Me with my sister, and only got stronger after watching Damien Chazelle’s La La Land. I studied film at Sixth Form and also at Univeristy, where I discovered my love for the French New Wave. I love all films, but particularly LGBTQ films & foreign films – and I am down to watch a good musical!

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Joyride (Film Review): The Heartwarming Story of an Unlikely Friendship

Olivia Colman and Charlie Reid are irresistible in Joyride, the dark comedy that is bound to tug on everybody’s heartstrings.

Violent Night (Review): David Harbour’s Santa Claus Saves The Day

Unlike any traditional Christmas film, Violent Night delivers naughty and nice – a modern Die Hard where the hero is the biggest softie of all, David Harbour as Father Christmas.

Emily (Film Review): Exquisite Emily Brönte Retelling

A magnificent tale of love, loss, strength, and independence, Emily delicately tells the imagined life of renowned English novelist and poet Emily Brönte.

Every Movie Reference You Missed in Netflix ’s Do Revenge

Netflix’s charming dark-comedy Do Revenge is filling the chick-flick-shaped hole in our hearts one teen movie reference at a time.