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Identifying Features: Mexican Drama Led by Unique Ambitions (Review)

In Identifying Features, Fernanda Valadez covers the harsh environment of the Mexican border, showcasing a refreshing and potent take on an often-revisited subject.

Mank: The Finchers Take On Citizen Kane’s Origins (Review)

In Mank, David Fincher covers the screenwriting process of Citizen Kane, and the unreal nature of Hollywood, in exquisite and playful form.

A Brighter Summer Day: Defining the Taiwanese New Wave (Review)

Edward Yang gives a masterful look at identity and adolescence in A Brighter Summer Day, an immersive and daring four-hour epic.

Under the Open Sky: A Clouded and Bleak Japanese Drama (AFI Fest Review)

Koji Yakusho’s role as an ex-convict is the pinnacle of Under the Open Sky, a tale of redemption that never reaches the level of emotion it aims for.

Nuevo Orden: Stimulating But Divisive Story of A Dystopian Mexico (AFI Fest Review)

Michel Franco takes no prisoners in Nuevo Orden (New Order), a societal drama rooted in class warfare that can be baffling for some but a treat for others.

Shiva Baby: A Short Film’s Evolution Into One of The Year’s Best Indies (Indie Memphis 2020 Review)

Shiva Baby’s jump from thesis short to feature film surpasses expectations thanks to a well-developed concept that is explored upon in this 77-minute anxiety trip.

Herself: Dublin’s Heartfelt Story of Emancipation and Humanity (LFF Review)

Herself proves to be an effective feel-good drama, carried by Clare Dunne’s powerhouse performance. Life…

Buoyancy: A Thrilling Drama on Thailand’s Human Trafficking Industry (Review)

Buoyancy is a gripping and raw look at modern slavery, led by an impressive and significant child performance.

Tesla: An Unconventional Biopic With Little Spark (Review)

Tesla contains notable storytelling and performances in its imaginative liberties, but this history lesson still fails at electrifying its audience.

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927) – Hollywood’s Shining Moment in A Forgotten Era (Review)

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans is a cherished treasure from a bygone period, effortlessly comprised by a cinematic genius.