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Edgar Ortega

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, I am an aspiring filmmaker, or film journalist. Whichever one sticks. Way too obsessed with a galaxy far, far away for my age. You will often find me discussing a series about dragons and ice zombies on social media. Without the arts, I don’t know where I would be in my life right now. Storytelling has allowed me to let my imagination run wild in ways even I couldn’t predict. If I don’t pick up, it’s probably because I am too busy writing or watching something (good or bad) at the cinema.

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F9: Film Review

Justin Lin’s triumphant return to the Fast & Furious franchise with F9 is the loud, silly and entertaining summer blockbuster we’ve all been waiting for.

Game of Thrones: Celebrating A Ruined Legacy

Two years after its conclusion, Game of Thrones fans are still disappointed at the show’s ending and how pointless it made this 10-year journey feel like.

Profile: 2021 Film Review

Timur Bekmambetov’s Profile is yet another computer-screen film that forces you to live through our protagonist’s hopes and fears.