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Father: It’s the 21st Century (SIFF Review)

Father is a gorgeously filmed, sensitively acted, and decidedly minimalist drama that overcomes a familiar screenplay by showcasing moments of quiet humanity.

The Legend of Hei: A Charming, Kid-Friendly Adventure (SIFF Review)

The Legend of Hei is a gorgeously animated and exciting children’s adventure film, with enough surprises and endearing moments to make it worth a watch.

Preman: Indonesian Thriller Disappoints (SIFF Review)

While Indonesian thriller Preman features compelling visuals, it unfortunately succumbs to a conventional story and unfocused tone.

Poly Styrene: I am a Cliché, Study of a Punk Legend (SXSW Review)

While Poly Styrene: I am a Cliché is a sensitive expression of one of punk’s most idiosyncratic figures, it mostly ends up feeling standard and disconnected.

The Old School of Capitalism: An Intriguing Study of Workers’ Rights (Review)

The Old School of Capitalism, from Zelimir Zilnik, offers intriguing and progressive political commentary in a gritty but unfortunately one-note narrative.

Land and Freedom: What Does it Take to Win a Revolution? (Review)

Land and Freedom is a tremendously moving, politically incisive masterwork from Ken Loach that examines the intricacies of revolutionary movements.

Prisoners of the Ghostland: Nicolas Cage Fights For Humanity (Sundance Review)

Prisoners of the Ghostland sees Nicolas Cage teaming up with Japanese iconoclast Sion Sono to deliver a ridiculous and bewildering action-adventure.

Vitalina Varela: Wandering Through the Maze of Living (Review)

Vitalina Varela, Portuguese auteur Pedro Costa’s most recent film, is a haunting exploration of the struggles of living and a meditation on life’s mysteries.

499: A Hypnotic Blend of Fact, Fiction, and History (Review)

499, directed by Rodrigo Reyes, is a hypnotic look at present-day Mexico through the lens of a conquistador, blending fact, fiction, and history.

Days (Rizi): Embracing Stillness (Review)

Days (Rizi), the newest film from Tsai Ming-liang, challenges us to embrace stillness, ponder existence, and question the art of filmmaking itself.