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Under the Bridge Episode 3 Recap & Review 

Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone sit at a table in episode 3 of Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge episode 3 holds a big reveal as it leads us into the hidden worlds of those involved in Reena Virk’s death, and of those investigating it.

Creator: Quinn Shephard
Genre: True crime, Drama
Number of episodes: 8
Episode 3 Release Date: April 24, 2024
Where to watch: Hulu

In last week’s premiere of Under the Bridge, we met our main characters and dove right into the events that led up to the 1997 disappearance and murder of 14-year-old Reena Virk (Vritika Gupta, of Launchpad) by a group of mean girls. If you’re like me, you probably thought you had the actual whodunnit pegged smack dab on the nose … and then, just like that, the series premiere ended and let you know you couldn’t be further from the truth.

This week, episode 3 turns up the heat with a big reveal and presents us with just as many as questions as it does answers as answers as it leads us deeper into the hidden worlds of those involved in Reena Virk’s death, and of those writing about it, investigating it, and suffering because of it. Without a doubt, episode 3 succeeds in deepening the curiosity around this mystery.

Under the Bridge continues to unfold in moments that jump between the past and the present. In the present, Reena’s body has been found, Cam (Lily Gladstone, of Killers of the Flower Moon) carries guilt from giving Reena’s parents hope she might still be alive, and Becca (Riley Keough, of Sasquatch Sunset) gathers information for her book. We also see what our mean girls are up to after hearing the news that Reena is, in fact, dead. In the past, we get a peek into the inception of the Crip Mafia Cartel, and the mystery surrounding Reena’s family deepens—namely her father, Manjit (Ezra Faroque Khan, of Damsel).

Episode 3 picks up with Jo (Chloe Guidry, of The Park) and the Crip Mafia Cartel at Connor’s (Jared Ager-Foster, of It Lives Inside) party, watching the news report on Reena. Jo and her girls head into the kitchen and all express their shock, and Dusty (Aiyana Goodfellow, of I Used to Be Famous) calls Jo out on why she lied about killing Reena to Becca if she didn’t do it. Jo admits she over-exaggerated a little, then says Reena probably killed herself to make Jo look bad before instructing the girls to keep quiet. Back at Seven Oaks, Jo tells Becca she’s not a rat but will tell her everything she knows about Reena if Becca promises to take Jo back to New York with her and introduce her to her idol, John Gotti.

“Once I tell him what I did to Reena, I’ll be made”, Jo says (and naively believes).

Becca, of course, says no, then tells Jo she knows Jo lied, but Jo quips back and says maybe she didn’t kill Reena, but it was her idea. Becca decides to get her information elsewhere.

Meanwhile, police are at Reena’s home delivering the news and needing someone to come I.D. the body. Reena’s father is hysterical; her mother, however, is not. At all. Calm and composed, she agrees to accompany them to the morgue in an act that raises suspicion with Chief Bentland (Matt Craven, of Justified: City Primeval).

Riley Keough looks at a polaroid while smoking in episode 3 of Under the Bridge
Riley Keough in episode 3 of Under the Bridge (Bettina Strauss / Hulu)

“What kind of man lets his wife I.D. their child’s body alone?” he later asks Cam in conversation.

At the morgue, we see the burn mark left by the lit cigarette Jo extinguished between Reena’s eyebrows and learn from the coroner that, while drowning was her cause of death, she most likely died from extensive beating and the kind of severe injuries consistent with a car crash victim. Since Reena was seen on camera walking away from under Craigflower Bridge the night of the beating, the coroner says it’s unlikely she received those severe injuries under the bridge, as she would not have been able to get up and walk away. This leads Cam to believe Reena sustained the worst of those injuries after she walked off and during a second assault Cam says was committed by someone who didn’t see her as a human being.

Becca visits Cam and learns there’s no way Jo could’ve killed Reena, because Seven Oaks has a midnight curfew for all the girls, and Jo was back and signed in before midnight. Based on the time Reena was seen on camera walking away from under the bridge, there was no way Jo could have had enough time to commit the act and get all the way back to Seven Oaks by curfew. Becca tells Cam she’s now sticking around to see this case through and is investigating it as a journalist, leaving Cam no choice but to talk to her.

As we jump four months into the past, we get some insight on Reena’s relationship with her parents, which is, at best, strained due to Reena’s change in attitude since meeting her new friends; we also see the inception of the Crip Mafia Cartel. If you’ll remember from last week, the Crip Mafia Cartel is what Jo calls her “gang” of followers—I mean friends: Kelly, Dusty, Laila (Arta Negahban), Maya (Maya Da Costa), and Warren G. (Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton, of Euphoria). One afternoon while hanging out, Dusty invites Reena to come the place everyone hangs out, meaning “the gangs”: the Crips, and Jo and her crew.

When Warren shows up, he’s initiated into the Crips, and when Jo asks to join, she’s told no, that girls aren’t allowed. So, at that moment, Jo decides she and her girls will make up their own gang and name it after the Crips and other organizations of her admiration: the mafia and the drug cartel. She and Kelly then make a blood oath: “Loyalty is everything. Live by the gun, die by the gun.” When Reena asks to be next, Jo tells her no, that she must first prove herself.

Under the Bridge: Trailer (Hulu)

Back in the present, we’re brought into the relationship between friends Samara (Isabella Leon, Love XO) and Warren. Warren is often left home alone, as his dad is too busy galivanting around Las Vegas with “some woman”. As such, Warren is often left to fend for himself. When he goes to Samara’s house to wash clothes, she notices blood on a pair of his pants. The next day at school, she asks Marissa if she was there under the bridge the night Reena was beaten, and Marissa says yes. She confirms much more, which leads to a shocking confession from Warren, but you’ll have to watch to find out what that is.

As episode 3 comes to an end, Jo walks into her closet and finds a pair of muddy boots sitting right on her shoe rack—boots she knows belong to Reena. While we finally get a juicy bit of insight into who killed Reena Virk (and it’s not who you’re thinking!), an air of mystery still remains as to how and why, as well as around Manjit’s legal secret. Whatever was expunged from his record is still unknown, and while he might have “had nothing to do” with whatever he was accused of, Reena’s uncle tells Becca, “You sleep with dogs, you get fleas.”

As a whole, episode 3 succeeds in deepening the curiosity around this mystery. One thing’s for certain with Under the Bridge: Strange things are a-foot in Saanich, British Columbia.

Episode 3 of Under the Bridge is now available to watch on Hulu. Future episodes of the series will be released weekly, every Wednesday, for a total of 8 episodes with the finale airing on May 29. Start your free Hulu trial and come back next Wednesday for our review and recap of episode 4!

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