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Julien Marlon Samani

Born in Lyon, France, on September 30, 1988, Julien Marlon Samani is an actor, director, and screenwriter. He is best known for his roles in the movie Holidate (2020) and in shows Shrinking (2023) and Tiny Beautiful Things. Both of Samani’s parents are French, but his father has Jewish-Iranian origins. He has a sister, and he currently lives in Los Angeles, California. As of 2024, Julien Marlon Samani is 36 years old.

Samani’s first role was in 2013, where he played a frat guy in TV series A Girl’s Guide to Blacking Out. He also had a minor role in a short film called Love and Laundry. In 2014, the actor continued to work on more shows: the acclaimed Dating Disasters, where he played Frederick, and Matador.

The star started to gain recognition in 2015, when he played Taylor in TV show Hollywood Girls 2. He then went on to guest star in The Frenchies (2015-2016), which he also wrote and directed. In 2 Broke Girls (2016), he appeared in one episode, playing Shane. In the late 2010s, Samani’s work includes shows Counterpart (2018) and Abby’s (2019), and short film Cucking Perfect.

The most well-known and beloved projects Julien Marlon Samani has starred in are the film Holidate (2020), where he played Luc alongside Emma Roberts, and series Shrinking (2023) and Tiny Beautiful Things (2023), where he played Russell and Zach Charles, respectively.

Julien Marlon Samani is currently working on several projects. He is on social media: you can follow him on Instagram @julien. His agent is Greene Talent. On this page, you’ll find all our articles and reviews of movies and shows starring Samani.