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William Stottor

For many years my phone alarm was set to the opening theme of Taxi Driver, which is unsurprisingly a very dramatic and rather dark way to wake up. It was just one way for me to experience the wonderful world of film and more specifically scores and soundtracks, a passion that was ignited when I was just a teenager seeing Danny Boyle’s Sunshine in the cinema for the first time. Watching films is a huge part of my life and I am in a constant battle with my ever-growing watchlist.

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The Quiet Girl (Film Review): An Exquisite, Delicate Drama

Colm Bairéad’s The Quiet Girl is one of 2022’s best films so far, thanks to its moving narrative, perfectly realised performances and evocative cinematography.

Wayfinder (Review): A Mystical Journey Through England

In his first feature film Wayfinder, British-Ghanaian artist Larry Achiampong hypnotises with his epic, beautiful and challenging account of England.

Mondocane (Film Review): A Dirty Dystopian Thriller

Drawing on franchises such as Mad Max, Mondocane ’s impressive worldbuilding and engaging story stand out even amongst its lack of originality and innovation.

Blue Velvet (Review): David Lynch’s Mercurial Masterpiece

One of the defining films of the 1980s, David Lynch’s Blue Velvet is a deranged, terrifying masterwork of exquisite visual prowess and controversial subject matter.

The Terminal (Film Review): A Soaring Feel-Good Drama

Spielberg’s airport-based, slapstick-style The Terminal is cheesy, saccharine, simplistic – and it’s absolutely wonderful.

Vortex (Review): The Suffocating Mortality of Humans

Gaspar Noé’s Vortex is a haunting rumination on old age and death, but lacks the narrative and emotional consistency needed to make it fully engaging.

Small Body (Review): The Quiet Power of Motherhood

Slow-burn drama Small Body is a delicately realised portrait of a mother on a quest to find peace for both herself and her stillborn baby.

Director Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović on Murina (Interview)

Ahead of its UK release, we interviewed director Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović about her Caméra d’Or-winning film, Murina.

The Novice (BFI Flare Review): First or Last

A college freshman pursues her dream to reach the top varsity team at all costs in The Novice, a breathless and harrowing journey through physical and psychological self-torture.

The Divide (BFI Flare Review): Volatile A&E Drama

The Divide is an intense snapshot of one night in a French A&E department on the night of a yellow vests protest, juggling political and societal themes.