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Myrthe Leenders

Literature graduate turned exhibition designer, pretty versatile, always adventurous. Loves mixing books with social events. There’s never a moment not to analyse plot twists, character developments, denouements, or disjointed narratives – in life or on screen. Great lover of coffee, 90s teen drama and Kelly MacDonald. My superhero skill is writing reviews with a chronic writers-block.

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Surge (Review): A Sensory Pursuit for Primal Liberation

Surge is a dazzling feat of primal liberation and a fantastic sensory immersion of rebirth, driven by the physicality of movement, intuition and impulse.

Director Aneil Karia on Feature Debut Surge (GFF Interview)

We spoke with Aneil Karia, director of new thrilling feature Surge, a 24hrs reckless journey through London as a sensory and kinetic study of primal liberation.

Sweetheart: A Charming, Heartfelt Coming of Age Film (GFF Review)

Sweetheart shows how emotional turmoil over sexuality and gender add an extra dimension to teenage angst, and how family holidays remain a place for self-discovery.

The Winter Lake: Disturbing Country Life Unveiled (Review)

The Winter Lake is a dark and slow-burn coming-of-age drama in which a traumatic and toxic past unravels into a confrontation with identity and survival.

Iorram (Boat Song): Traditions and Tales of the Scottish Hebrides (Glasgow Film Festival Review)

Boat Song (Iorram) is a creative documentary of the Gaelic-speaking fishing community in Scotland’s Hebrides, a lyrical portrait of their intimate relationship with the sea.

Jumbo: Coming-of-Age Shows Unconventional Love (Glasgow Film Festival Review)

Jumbo delves deeper into unconventional love and portrays one woman’s newly found happiness that shows inanimate love partners can be intimate as well.

Test Pattern: Racial Inequality in US Healthcare (Review)

Test Pattern holds a mirror to our patriarchal society and exposes how the system re-victimises women of colour after sexual assaults, while highlighting cultural contrasts.

I Blame Society: Dark Mockumentary Blurs Reality (Review)

I Blame Society revives the gore mockumentary genre and cleverly touches on a blurred line between reality and fiction, delving deeper into psyche and psychosis.

A Nightmare Wakes (Review): A Monstruous Mary Shelley Rises

A Nightmare Wakes lays bare how traumatic experiences can manifest as a hallucinatory blurring of the veil between reality and the demons that can haunt you.

The Pink Cloud: Vibrant Surreal Cinema Anticipates Reality (Sundance Review)

The Pink Cloud is a visually stunning and vibrant, surreal science fiction that is strangely hopeful despite its accidental similarity to our dire reality.