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Maxance Vincent

Maxance is a film student at the Université de Montréal, with a minor in Video Game Studies and a freelance film/TV and culture critic, focusing on genre cinema and contemporary feature films, while initiating as many people as he can to the incredible chaos of Uncut Gems.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Ep. 4 Review

Episode 4 brings back Star Wars: The Bad Batch ’s first two episodes’ major flaws in a terribly underwhelming episode, reintroducing a familiar face from The Mandalorian.

The Woman in The Window Review: Uninspired Hitchcockian Fever Dream

The Woman in the Window desperately wants to be something it isn’t: a modern take on Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Those Who Wish Me Dead: Film Review

In Those Who Wish Me Dead, Taylor Sheridan delivers another knockout action film in the vein of Steven Segal pictures from the 1990s that’s terribly nonsensical but oh-so-much fun.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Ep. 3 Review

Episode 3 of The Bad Batch is the series’ best yet, finally planting the seeds of a decent story.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Ep. 2 Review

The latest episode of The Bad Batch follows the same unsuccessful ‘pit-stop’ filler approach from The Mandalorian, which isn’t particularly compelling.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Ep. 1 Review

Despite a promising start, The Bad Batch ’s episode 1 quickly fizzles out and makes it a disappointing first impression for Star Wars’ latest animated series.

A Week Away: Film Review

A Week Away desperately tries and fails to impress by presenting a Christian musical rip-off of Disney channel original movies.