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Nathaniel Kahn on The Hunt for Planet B (SXSW Interview)

Director Nathaniel Kahn discusses the grandiose and intimate The Hunt for Planet B: a story of the scientists, and people, building the next era of space telescope.

The Courier: A Strong Spy Thriller (Review)

The Courier is elevated by a tandem of excellent lead performances, and marks a wonderful throwback to a type of film that just isn’t made anymore.

Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey on Alien on Stage (SXSW Interview)

Directors Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey discuss their wonderful, uplifting documentary Alien on Stage, in view of its SXSW premiere next week.

All The MCU Movies Ranked (From Worst to Best)

Our ranking of all the MCU movies from worst to best, as we enter Phase IV and approach the return of theatrical blockbusters.

WandaVision: The Series Finale, Wanda Says Goodbye (Ep. 9 Review)

WandaVision: The Series Finale wears its heart on its sleeve for an emotionally satisfying conclusion to Marvel’s first television foray.

Castro’s Spies: Detailed Documentarian Captivates (GFF Review)

Castro’s Spies benefits from an indulgent treatment of the details and minutiae of Cuban spycraft in the United States.

Chaos Walking: finds calm in Tom Holland (Review)

Chaos Walking succeeds, in part, because of the strength of superb cast including Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, and Mads Mikkelsen.

Tom and Jerry: An Amusing Family Adventure (Review)

Tom and Jerry miscasts its titular cat and mouse as supporting players, but the movie works when their animated sequences take center stage.

Body Brokers: Solid Drama About Addiction Profiteers (Review)

Body Brokers is at its best as a cynical rise-to-power story of a young addict who begins to profit off of the treatment of his fellow addicts

Pacific Rim: The Black Uncancels the Franchise’s Apocalypse (Review)

Pacific Rim: The Black ably utilizes the anime-style to tell an action-heavy story expanding the universe of Guillermo del Toro’s genre classic.