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The Glorias: 2020’s Second Best Gloria Steinem Story (Review)

The Glorias utilizes an ineffective structure which prevents the film from properly contextualizing – and celebrating – a critical historical figure.

MLK/FBI: One of the Year’s Best, Most Essential Docs (NYFF58 Review)

MLK/FBI is a stellar window into the FBI’s illegal surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr., and the society that tacitly blessed its tactics.

Lost in London: Fantastic Technical Achievement Tied to a Cliché Story (Review)

Lost in London thrives on the movie’s live broadcast gimmick, but fails to resonate as a “one crazy night” comedy or as a family drama.

Spiral: Rudimentary Social Horror With A Great Leading Turn (Review)

Spiral is a reasonably effective social horror film that focuses on how same-sex couples can be othered by their neighbors.

Pieces of a Woman: Vanessa Kirby Shines as the Film Flounders (Review)

Pieces of a Woman is a disappointing drama that runs out of quality storytelling material only about a quarter of the way into the film’s run time.

The Father: Hopkins Ages Like a Nice Chianti (Review)

The Father is a deeply moving dementia drama that sees a dynamite cast support perhaps the best performance of Anthony Hopkins’ career.

Another Round (Druk): A Boozy Joy Highlighted By A Splendid Mads Mikkelsen (Review)

Another Round makes for an effective black comedy about four friends committed to obtaining higher consciousness through constant alcohol intake.

Penguin Bloom: Naomi Watts elevates a formulaic drama (Review)

In Penguin Bloom, an extremely clichéd and predictable narrative ends up reasonably moving thanks to the great Naomi Watts and its charming avian actors.

Mulan (2020): Honorable Adaptation Misses the Mark (Review)

Mulan (2020) is beautifully designed but undercut by poor editing and some strange storytelling decisions.

Get Duked!: Scotland’s Version of “The Hunt” Brings the Laughs (Review)

Get Duked! is a funny, anarchic comedy thriller that showcases the arrival of a talented new Scottish storyteller.