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Psycho Goreman: Low Budget Glory (Review)

Psycho Goreman, Steven Kostanki’s darkly comedic descent into space violence, is extremely fun and charming.

Deliver Us from Evil: An Absolute Pleasure for Action Fans (Review)

Deliver Us from Evil uses many vintage techniques of Korean cinema to capture and hold the interest of genre fans, creating a tense yet fun viewing experience.

Thirst (2019): A Cult Classic in the Making (Review)

Thirst is a fun filled horror-comedy that gorehounds will adore and find endlessly entertaining.

The Ringmaster: Why Do We Find Entertainment in Suffering? (Review)

The Ringmaster plays with all sorts of tactics we’ve seen before in films within the horror genre, and uses them to put audiences in their place.

Hall: Timely Horror/Thriller is Beautifully Horrifying (Review)

Hall is a slow moving crawl towards what seems to be a terrifying fate, using one location to suffocate and terrify its viewers.

Synchronic: Time Travel and the Search for Human Connection (Review)

Good performances and wonderful visuals elevate Synchronic, an ambitious yet undercooked indie mystery.

Spontaneous: Teen Comedy is Unexpectedly Terrific (Review)

Spontaneous manages to be unnerving, from the heart, and especially relevant to today’s world, making it one of the year’s best surprises.

The Palace on the Sea: A Poignant Look at Life After Death (Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh)

The Palace on the Sea manages to be touching, tender, and intriguing, all in such a brief runtime.

The Bride Who Has Returned From Hell: An Entertaining Yet Flawed Drama (Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh)

The Bride Who Has Returned From Hell is an entertaining mystery drama with many interesting elements, but that leans a bit too heavily on its influences.

Rent-A-Pal: A Bizarre Look Into Loneliness (Review)

Despite a few flaws that keep it from truly standing out, Jon Stevenson’s debut Rent-A-Pal is a fun thriller with good performances.