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The Palace on the Sea: A Poignant Look at Life After Death (Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh)

The Palace on the Sea manages to be touching, tender, and intriguing, all in such a brief runtime.

The Bride Who Has Returned From Hell: An Entertaining Yet Flawed Drama (Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh)

The Bride Who Has Returned From Hell is an entertaining mystery drama with many interesting elements, but that leans a bit too heavily on its influences.

Rent-A-Pal: A Bizarre Look Into Loneliness (Review)

Despite a few flaws that keep it from truly standing out, Jon Stevenson’s debut Rent-A-Pal is a fun thriller with good performances.

Nocturnal: A profound Portrait of Fragility (Review)

Nocturnal is a well made and heartfelt character study that beautifully focuses on communication, vulnerability, and, most of all, masculinity.

Actor-turned-director Francesco Giannini on Pandemic Feature “Hall” (Interview)

Pandemic psychological thriller Hall is set to premiere at FrightFest on August 30, and we talked to director Francesco Giannini about the making of his first film, his inspirations, and his future projects.

House of Hummingbird: Poetry in Motion (Review)

House of Hummingbird finds beauty and hope in life’s smallest moments, telling an endearing coming of age tale that viewers will reflect on for a long time.

Guest of Honour: An Entertaining yet Messy Exploration of Family (Review)

In Guest of Honour, Atom Egoyan’s signature style somehow simultaneously works as both the film’s biggest strength and its downfall.

Here’s Why Hereditary is already on its way to classic horror status (Review)

Hereditary is the film that the horror genre didn’t know it needed, and the impact…