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Bromates Review: Love Letter to Early 2000s Comedies

Court Crandall’s comedy Bromates is a story of friendship that, while at times predictable, still manages to have genuinely funny jokes and fun characters.

Tales of friendship are nothing all that new in the world of cinema, but, if done right, they can still usually always manage to be at least somewhat charming. Court Crandall’s Bromates centers around two  lifelong best friends, Sid (Josh Brener) and Jonesie (Lil Rel Howery), who get dumped around the same time and are left without adequate living situations.  

The two decide to become what Jonesie dubs as “bromates” (bros who are roommates), to get back on their feet and also to help each other cope and reconnect. The two have very different dispositions after their breakups: Sid is very down in the dumps, whereas Jonesie is more optimistic and ready to move forward. Their opposite outlooks as well as being in close quarters like they’ve never experienced cause tensions to rise.  

Jonesie and Sid’s dynamic is what holds the comedy together, and is what provides the perfect set up for most of the jokes. Sid’s horror at some of Jonesie’s coping antics are actually quite funny most of the time, even if at points viewers can definitely tell where certain scenes are going.  

The humor in Bromates is very reminiscent of peak comedies in the 2000s, and makes very obvious callbacks to movies of that time period. There are loads of raunchy jokes, fourth wall breaks, and characters that fall into many various stereotypes.  

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Bromates (Quiver Distribution)

While every single attempt at a joke might not land, the film is something that fans of these earlier comedies would most likely find quite enjoyable, as it is simply not as common for movies with this sort of content to be released today. It can take a lot to make it work, but Bromates does so in such a way that comes off as fun and lighthearted, and not too tacky at all. When it’s funny, it’s funny. Yes, those watching might know where the resolution is going as well, but that genuinely doesn’t make it any less wholesome or heartfelt, because the characters are so fun and easy to care about. (Even if they each have their moments.)  

The successes of the film also mostly rely on the actors themselves. In a comedy revolving around two specific characters, especially when the characters have very specific dynamics, it is seemingly crucial that the actors involved fill their roles well. Brener and Howery not only fit their respective characters, they also work off of each other impressively. It’s not hard at all to believe that these two men are “bros”, and in a movie of this vein, that’s sort of all you need right there.  

Sure, Bromates may sound very familiar when looking strictly at the synopsis, it’s an idea viewers have absolutely seen done before. And while it may not be perfect in every way, its fun character dynamics, genuinely hilarious (at times) jokes, callbacks to past comedies with the same sort of concept, and even a brief appearance from Snoop Dogg as a narrator make it a worthy endeavor for comedy fans. It’s sharp and to the point without ever being too much or trying too hard, and for that it’s certainly worth a watch.  

Bromates will be available to watch in US theaters and on VOD from October 7, 2022.

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