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Anthony Bowmer

Film Studies graduate, writer, and sometimes filmmaker. Ingmar Bergman is my favorite director, Tokyo Story is my favorite film, and I’m an aspiring connoisseur of Japanese exploitation. Tetsuo: The Iron Man is one of cinema’s unheralded masterpieces.

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The Old School of Capitalism: An Intriguing Study of Workers’ Rights (Review)

The Old School of Capitalism, from Zelimir Zilnik, offers intriguing and progressive political commentary in a gritty but unfortunately one-note narrative.

Land and Freedom: What Does it Take to Win a Revolution? (Review)

Land and Freedom is a tremendously moving, politically incisive masterwork from Ken Loach that examines the intricacies of revolutionary movements.

Prisoners of the Ghostland: Nicolas Cage Fights For Humanity (Sundance Review)

Prisoners of the Ghostland sees Nicolas Cage teaming up with Japanese iconoclast Sion Sono to deliver a ridiculous and bewildering action-adventure.

Vitalina Varela (Review): Wandering Through the Maze of Living

Vitalina Varela, Portuguese auteur Pedro Costa’s most recent film, is a haunting exploration of the struggles of living and a meditation on life’s mysteries.

499: A Hypnotic Blend of Fact, Fiction, and History (Review)

499, directed by Rodrigo Reyes, is a hypnotic look at present-day Mexico through the lens of a conquistador, blending fact, fiction, and history.

Days (Rizi): Embracing Stillness (Review)

Days (Rizi), the newest film from Tsai Ming-liang, challenges us to embrace stillness, ponder existence, and question the art of filmmaking itself.

Queer Japan: Strong Message Undermined by Lackluster Filmmaking (Review)

While Queer Japan features empathetic representation of queer people in Japan, its strong messaging is unfortunately undermined by flaws in its filmmaking.

Manos: The Hands of Fate – Worst Film Ever or Pure Genius?

Often cited as the worst film ever made, the infamous Manos: The Hands of Fate fails at every aspect of moviemaking, or is this part of its genius?

10 Underappreciated American Films

While arguably best known for Hollywood, there is an array of underappreciated American films made by marginalized voices that are exciting and subversive.

Chess of the Wind (LFF Review): Rediscovered Iranian Drama is a Revelation

Recently rediscovered and newly restored, Mohammad Reza Aslani’s unsung masterpiece of Iranian cinema, Chess of the Wind, evokes classic gothic dramas.