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This Is Me Now: A Love Story Review

Jennifer Lopez looks at the camera while in bed in the film This Is Me...Now: A Love Story

Equipped with a fantastical narrative, stunning musical sequences, and paying homage to love, This Is Me Now: A Love Story proves that happily ever afters do exist. 

In 2002, JLo released her third studio album, entitled “This Is Me… Then.” At the time, she had a high-profile relationship with Ben Affleck. The pair would go on to date for two years until they split in 2004. Thereafter, they had families with other partners, and Bennifer was all but a distant memory. However, twenty-two years later, in 2021, the couple—who just so happened to both be single at the time—rekindled their romance and tied the knot in 2022. It’s a beautiful story, and a fairytale come to life. But before Lopez’s heart found its way back to her knight in shining armor, she experienced plenty of heartache along the way. This is the subject of her new Prime Video film, This Is Me Now: A Love Story. The film is a quirky yet cleverly crafted spectacle that is bound to be a crowd-pleaser among the star’s most dedicated fans and coincides with her new album “This Is Me… Now,” which is released on the same day.

When I heard about Lopez’s new album and film, I was ecstatic. As a young girl, I grew up idolizing the star and have been in awe of every song and music video she has put into the universe since the release of her first album, “On the 6,” in 1999. In a nutshell, Lopez is an all-round entertainer, and in This Is Me Now: A Love Story, the singer’s talents and the key to her soul (love) are on full display.

The film opens with the tragic yet touching Puerto Rican myth of Alida and Taroo. The lovers in question were from different tribes, and their romance was forbidden. After Alida’s father found out, he was adamant about his daughter marrying another. Devastated by his request, she begged the gods to rectify the situation. In response, they turned her into a flower. Heartbroken by the decision, Taroo begged to be reunited with Alida, so the gods turned him into a hummingbird. According to the folktale, anytime you see a hummingbird hovering around flowers, it is said to be Taroo, still attempting to find Alida.

It’s a poetically tragic tale, yet one that sets the stage for the film’s narrative. After all, Lopez is a hopeless romantic, and ever since hearing the tale of Alida and Taroo as a child, she wanted nothing more than to find her happy ever after later in life. However, her love life wasn’t always blissful. In the opening scene, viewers are greeted with a stunning Lopez riding on the back of a motorcycle. Affleck is the driver, though the bike crashes, representing the couple’s first breakup.

Thereafter, viewers experience a unique telling of Lopez’s love life, switching between musical sequences and a spoken narrative. The singer’s version of Alida and Taroo is in the form of gods known collectively as “The Zodiacal Council,” who watch from the heavens as Lopez’s relationships play out on Earth. Every member represents a specific star sign and is portrayed by various individuals in the entertainment industry. I won’t say who, as I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but they’ll certainly be faces you recognize. Each character has notions about relationships, so right off the bat, you know the film isn’t taking things too seriously. In a comedic moment, Scorpio states, “What’s with her and all the bad boys?” as a boisterous Leo proclaims, “Could be daddy issues.”

Jennifer Lopez dances smiling in the rain at night in the film This Is Me...Now: A Love Story
Jennifer Lopez stars in This Is Me Now: A Love Story (© Amazon Content Services LLC)

The comedic elements don’t stop there, as This Is Me Now: A Love Story continues to riff on Lopez’s romances throughout the film’s runtime. Fat Joe, who has collaborated with Lopez on multiple songs, stars as her therapist. It’s a perfect casting decision and adds copious amounts of entertainment value. In the storyline, we also see close friends of the star gossip about the various marriages she has had throughout her life and their inability to keep up with her love life. However, there is a unique balance, as the audience also sees poignant moments that demonstrate the sadness she has felt with each failed relationship.

The singer attends a therapy group session in hopes of finding herself again and recovering from heartache. She announces to the attendees, “Here I am, 10 years and 3 divorces later.” It’s a touching moment, reflecting the stigma that society associates with multiple failed marriages. On the contrary, when Lopez performs the song, “This Is Me… Now,” it stresses how we as individuals look back on our lives and wish we could tell our younger selves that though our time on earth may include challenges, everything will work out how it’s supposed to. As a glowing Lopez holds the hand of a child that represents a younger version of herself, she sings, “And I healed my heart, but I love who I am lately. This is me now.” This really is a testament to embracing who we are and never losing sight of what we want in life, even if those around us don’t agree with our dreams or choices.

JLo fans will adore the musical sequences and catchy tracks, which are captivating to watch. It feels like a return to form for the star, and I can honestly say—hand on heart—that I adore every song featured in the film. Affleck appears to inspire some of Lopez’s best songwriting, further showcasing the positive effects romance has on us and that love knows no bounds. The choreography is some of Lopez’s best, and the dancing numbers and costume design will have you completely enamored with the experience.

There are moments when the musical sequences and storyline feel disjointed from one another and don’t quite mix. That said, This Is Me Now: A Love Story has a lot to say about life and love and teaches the importance of authenticity and not caring what others think about you. It’s a powerful message, and enough to forgive the film’s inability to seamlessly connect the storyline with the musical numbers throughout the runtime. Overall, This Is Me Now: A Love Story is a fun, fantastical spectacle with alluring choreography and visuals. Not only does it show Lopez’s vulnerability and humor, but it’s also a sweet homage to her happily ever after with Affleck and the romantic ups and downs she encountered before destiny stepped in and guided her back toward her Prince Charming.

This is Me Now: A Love Story will be released on Prime Video on February 16, 2024.

This Is Me Now: A Love Story Trailer (Prime Video)
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