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The Greatest Love Story Never Told Film Review

Jennifer Lopez is dressed as a bride and holding a bouquet, running with many people in The Greatest Love Story Never Told

The Greatest Love Story Never Told gives viewers a glance at JLo’s love life and showcases why the singer, dancer, and actress was born to be a performer.

Though an unexpected release, Jason Bergh’s The Greatest Love Story Never Told gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the challenging creative process of filmmaking and a peek into Lopez’s personal life. The documentary also features interviews with the star’s industry-close friends, Fat Joe, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, and JLo’s lifelong friend and manager, Benny Medina, to name a few. We also see many interviews with the singer’s husband, Ben Affleck, which will be a bonus for fans of the couple.

Lopez’s idea for the musical film This Is Me…Now: A Love Story, which was released on February 16th on Prime Video, came to fruition after the singer returned to the studio to write “This Is Me… Now.” This is her first album in two decades and was inspired by Lopez’s romantic reunion with Affleck in 2021. Even as a fan, I was shocked to learn that she hadn’t released an album in over twenty years. Before her latest album release, the singer hadn’t worked on an album since “This Is Me… Then”, which came out in 2002, when she first dated Affleck. This just goes to show how much love can aid in the creative process and ignite our greatest passions.

However, Lopez had her work cut out for her when the singer’s 30-million-dollar movie deal was pulled in the early stages of production due to concerns about a musical movie not selling. Still, Lopez never lost sight of the project and funded it herself, as she wanted to share her beautiful love story with the world. Instead of playing out like a vanity project, The Greatest Love Story Never Told reflects the hard work and dedication that goes into making a film alongside a vulnerable and open Lopez. Although we have seen other documentaries about the star (2022’s Halftime), this is the first time she delves deep into her struggles throughout the years with self-worth, scrutiny in the public eye due to three failed marriages, and heartache that arose from a breakup and relationship that she never truly let go of.

Jennifer Lopez stands on the Castle Hill train platform in The Greatest Love Story Never Told
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Throughout the documentary, it’s clear to see various aspects of Lopez’s romantic life and upbringing that impacted her over the years and how much of a front she put on to the outside world. The singer discusses her people-pleasing tendencies when she was much younger; though, through life experiences, the star realized that she wasn’t being true to herself. In the present day, it’s great to see Lopez happy and not afraid to embrace her authenticity.

Bennifer fans will be ecstatic as viewers witness many sweet interactions between Affleck and Lopez. Their love story truly is a fairytale come to life, and their romance doesn’t ever appear forced just for the cameras. It’s not often that you hear of a couple rekindling their relationship years later after dating two decades prior, but The Greatest Love Story Never Told displays their deep connection and care for one another. Affleck is a supportive spouse who is present through the making of JLo’s documentary and ready to bounce ideas off, yet he still gives his bride space to immerse herself in the film’s vision and bring it to life.

Lopez recounts the couple’s first Christmas together after rekindling their romance. As a surprise, Affleck gifted her a book containing all the emails and letters the pair had written to one another over a two-year period when they first dated. It’s a beautiful moment in the documentary, and the notes in the book are what inspired the singer when producing her latest album. Even if you’re a cynic, the whirlwind romance the couple has experienced will make you believe that true love exists.

Affleck gets candid about his relationship with Lopez and how the pair have differing approaches when it comes to sharing details of their relationship with the public. In a one-on-one interview, Affleck proclaims, “Things that are private, I’d always felt, are sacred and special because in part they’re private, so this was something of an adjustment for me.” However, in The Greatest Love Story Never Told, Lopez and her friends can’t rave enough about Affleck and how, regardless of some differing views, they are very similar, and Affleck has always been supportive of his wife. In a touching moment, an emotional Lopez states, “What he made me believe about myself only comes from love, because nobody else could’ve made me see that about myself.”

But perhaps the most inspiring part of The Greatest Love Story Never Told is Lopez’s work ethic. When attempting to bring her love story to the big screen, she gave it her all and put in tireless hours to make it happen. So, if you’re a fan of Lopez, this earnest look at the singer’s love life and the making of a film that reflects her journey back to rekindling her romance with Affleck won’t be one you want to miss!

This Is Me Now: A Love Story Review – Loud And Clear Reviews
Equipped with stunning musical sequences and paying homage to love, This Is Me Now: A Love Story proves that happily ever afters do exist.

The Greatest Love Story Never Told will be released globally on Prime Video on February 27, 2024. Read our review of the film This is Me Now: A Love Story.

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