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The Scream Franchise

The Scream Franchise is one of the most popular and beloved horror sagas of all time. These movies originated with Scream (1996), followed by an even better, more self-aware sequel (1997’s Scream 2). And now, we have so many films in the franchise, up till Scream (2022) and Scream VI (2023).

So why do we love watching Ghostface in action in these slashers? Because these films are not only so much fun to watch, but they also provide clever commentary on our current time. They are also really well-acted and have plenty of iconic scenes.

We’ve written many articles on the franchise, from a ranking of all Scream movies to a history of horror legacyquels and reviews of many films. And when you finish reading them, check out our Halloween recommendations and our guide to horror for beginners!