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Lukita Maxwell

Born on October 27, 2001 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lukita Maxwell is an actress, mainly known for her roles in teen series Generation and Apple TV+ hit Shrinking.

Maxwell’s mother is Chinese-Indonesian and her father is from the United States (Salt Like City, Utah). As a child, she lived in Bali for several years; she then moved to St. George, Utah, where she was homeschooled. Though she soon developed a passion for Shakespeare, she initially pursued a career in architecture. That’s what she was studying at University in New York when she was cast for her first big role as an actress.

Lukita Maxwell’s career actually began with a small role in the show Speechless in 2016, but the series that most people know her for is Generation. In 2021, she played Delilah Faye, one of the protagonists. After that, she first starred in many short films, including the acclaimed Wake (2022) and Lucky Fish (2022). Her first performance in a movie was in Tayarisha Poe’s The Young Wife, in 2023. In the same year, she was cast as Alice in popular Apple TV+ series Shrinking, where she starred alongside Jason Segel and Harrison Ford. Lukita Maxwell has some great scenes with her co-stars in Shrinking, particularly in episode 3.

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