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Nils Gollersrud

Writer, cinephile, aspiring polyglot, and amateur wine and cheese connoisseur. I love all kinds of cinema from Criterion arthouse films to trashy exploitation flicks and everything in between. I approach every film with curiosity and intrigue and I’m never short of hot takes. Long live the new flesh.

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Criollo: A Culinary Journey through Uruguay (SIFF Review)

Criollo takes us on a nostalgic and emotional journey through the rich culinary tradition of Uruguay, reminding us of the transcendental experience of food.

The Unknown Saint: Film Review

The Unknown Saint crafts a sparse yet cleverly absurd tale of greed, faith, and misfortune as an unlucky thief attempts to recover his loot from a holy site.

The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs: Review

The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs spins a folkloric fable about a young woman seeking to liberate herself from a triangle of unrequited desire.

Sweat (2021): Film Review

Anchored by a compelling lead performance, Sweat crafts a complex portrait of an Instagram fitness influencer trying to hold together a pristine online image.

All Sorts (2021): Film Review

Part sports drama, romance, and surreal comedy, All Sorts takes us on a trip through a Kafkaesque office and into an underground folder filing competition.

Strawberry Mansion: Film Review

Dreams and reality collide in Strawberry Mansion, an eclectic and imaginative film set in a future where the subconscious is probed by ads and tax auditors.

SIFF 2021: 10 Films to Watch

The Seattle International Film Festival returns this year with an exciting first-time virtual program. Here are 10 films to watch at SIFF 2021.

The Reckless Storytelling of Run Hide Fight

Run Hide Fight ignores its supposed “neutrality” and offers harmful, unoriginal arguments to the gun violence discourse in an already exploitative premise.

Dear Comrades!: Remembering Novocherkassk (Review)

Dear Comrades! memorializes a tragic chapter in Russian history through the story of a devout communist reckoning with the human cost of a repressive state.

Mama Weed: Isabelle Huppert Elevates Comedic Crime Flick (FFF Review)

Mama Weed ’s weak storytelling and lack of distinct style disappoint, but Isabelle Huppert’s killer performance keeps this film watchable.