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The Eclectic and the Sublime: In Celebration of Ennio Morricone

Celebrate the legendary career of composer Ennio Morricone with these ten dazzling film scores, from melodic romanticism to criminal swagger to Spaghetti Western bravado.

Peripheral: Psychedelic Paranoia meets Tech Body Horror (Review)

Peripheral thrills and chills with hallucinogenic sequences of technological terror, but fails to piece together a coherent narrative and thematic vision.

10 Deliciously Bad Films Worth Your Interest

Here are ten recommended bad films to watch, including a cult masterpiece of campy excess, an animated atrocity, and my pick for the worst film ever made.

Treasure in Trash: The Value of Bad Films

Bad films, whether embarrassing displays of cinematic incompetence or misunderstood masterpieces, deserve our attention, interest, and maybe even love.

Little Joe: A Cold and Lifeless Bio-Thriller (Review)

Little Joe poses an intriguing paranoia-fueled floral invasion narrative that suffers from disjointed stylistic elements…

Film Distribution after COVID: Theaters in Limbo and Digital Film Festivals

What will film distribution look like after the COVID crisis ends? Thoughts on the survival…

You Don’t Nomi: The Resounding Legacy of a Cult Masterpiece (Review)

You Don’t Nomi blends film criticism with documentary storytelling, in a comprehensive if formally idiosyncratic…

Film Trends after COVID: End Times, Escapism, and Character Dramas

What kinds of films will we see after the pandemic ends? Predictions on emerging film…

We Are Ten Shorts You Should Watch (We Are One Film Festival)

A selection of ten live action and animated shorts from the We Are One Film…

Beautiful Things: The Spiritual Journey of “Stuff” (Review)

Beautiful Things crafts a transcendent narrative of the material lifecycle and the solitude of the…