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The Perfect David: Aesthetic and Athletic Obsessions (Tribeca Review)

The Perfect David explores a young bodybuilder’s unhealthy obsession with creating an ideal body and his mother’s equally obsessive artistic motivations.

Take Me Somewhere Nice: Wandering through Bosnia (Review)

Take Me Somewhere Nice presents an offbeat spin on the road trip and coming of age narratives in this tale of a teenager’s hapless journey through Bosnia.

All Indiana Jones Films Ranked (From Worst to Best)

In honor of the impending release of Emma Stone’s Cruella, we revisit all Disney live-action remakes to date, ranked from worst to best.

Censor: A Throwback to Video Nasties (SIFF Review)

Drenched in red shadowy lighting and a slow burn atmosphere, Censor crafts a nightmarish tale of video violence that takes its schlocky premise too seriously.

Sequin in a Blue Room: Discoveries, Desire, Danger (Review)

Sequin in a Blue Room takes an erotic and occasionally hallucinatory journey through the beguiling yet perilous world of anonymous online hookups.

About Endlessness: A Tableau of the Human Condition (Review)

About Endlessness crafts a tableau of short vignettes about the human condition with director Roy Andersson’s signature absurd existentialist theatrics.

10 Spectacular Shorts from SIFF 2021

From the awkwardness of death to an unexpected cinematic discovery to the organic beauty of lichen, here are ten memorable short films from SIFF 2021.

Wyrm: Popping Collars (SIFF Review)

Wyrm’s dry and offbeat coming of age story explores our obsession with sex and relationships through its creative worldbuilding and awkward personality.

Summertime: An Electrifying Portrait of LA (SIFF Review)

Summertime is a dazzling ode to the city of LA, told through 25 poets’ performances about hopes, fears, heartbreaks, and the impossible quest to find a burger.

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet: Transient Bliss (SIFF Review)

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet finds a sense of calm and purpose in wanderings through an absurd apocalypse, but never materializes into anything worthwhile.