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The Intruder: A Little Too Much Is Left to the Imagination (AFI Fest Review)

The Intruder (El Prófugo) spins a beguiling web of nightmarish terror with captivating cinematic energy but denies us the pleasure of witnessing and understanding its strangest mysteries.

Writer-Director-Actor Cooper Raiff on Feature Debut Shithouse (Interview)

We spoke with Cooper Raiff, the writer, director and leading star of the new feature Shithouse, a comedy-drama exploring loneliness and connection at college.

Shithouse: Loneliness and Unexpected Connections (Review)

Don’t be fooled by the title — Shithouse is an endearing comedy with an honest and vulnerable portrayal of college life, in this stunning debut from a young cinematic talent.

Sons of Denmark: A Provocative Political Thriller and an Urgent Warning (Review)

Sons of Denmark imagines an eerily familiar scenario of a nation on the brink of fascism, in this enthralling feature film debut from a provocative new cinematic voice.

The Hot Zone: A Contagiously Gripping Science Thriller (Review)

The Hot Zone thrills and chills with visceral set pieces and a constant sense of danger and urgency, even if its dramatic elements don’t quite coalesce into a satisfying whole.

The Exigency: Cinematic Passion Shines Through Inferior Animation (Review)

Don’t be fooled by the roughly rendered computer graphics—The Exigency is an amusing curiosity of a film and a clear example of dedication to visual craft.

The Eclectic and the Sublime: In Celebration of Ennio Morricone

Celebrate the legendary career of composer Ennio Morricone with these ten dazzling film scores, from melodic romanticism to criminal swagger to Spaghetti Western bravado.

Peripheral: Psychedelic Paranoia meets Tech Body Horror (Review)

Peripheral thrills and chills with hallucinogenic sequences of technological terror, but fails to piece together a coherent narrative and thematic vision.

10 Deliciously Bad Films Worth Your Interest

Here are ten recommended bad films to watch, including a cult masterpiece of campy excess, an animated atrocity, and my pick for the worst film ever made.

Treasure in Trash: The Value of Bad Films

Bad films, whether embarrassing displays of cinematic incompetence or misunderstood masterpieces, deserve our attention, interest, and maybe even love.