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Myrthe Leenders

Literature graduate turned exhibition designer, pretty versatile, always adventurous. Loves mixing books with social events. There’s never a moment not to analyse plot twists, character developments, denouements, or disjointed narratives – in life or on screen. Great lover of coffee, 90s teen drama and Kelly MacDonald. My superhero skill is writing reviews with a chronic writers-block.

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Materna (Raindance Review): a Female Portrait of the True New York Life

Materna delves deeper into the psyche of the people that inhabit New York, exploring identity, loneliness and life’s tough moments through four brave women.

Non Western: Love, Conservatism and Modern Women (Raindance Review)

Non Western depicts a contemporary American fairy-tale where native and non-native values and cultural identities intermix to a terrifying degree

After Love (Film Review): Love & Revelations Distanced by the Channel

After Love explores what love and loss can do to us, and the unconventional bonds that can form in times of sorrow and suffering.

A Call to Spy (2020) Film Review

A Call to Spy depicts the stories of brave WWII spymistresses, whose heroic actions are too many to be joined in a single film which doesn’t do them justice.

Rose: A Love Story – Dark & Tender Romance Challenged By Illness

Rose: A Love Story follows a young couple in the grips of a mysterious illness, testing if love is enough to stay together.

Wildfire (Review): Allegoric Tale of (Northern) Ireland’s Traumatic Past

Wildfire explores the traumatic remnants of (Northern) Ireland’s past conflict and the familial bonds that drive them.

The Reason I Jump: a Sensorial Experience about Non-Verbal Autism

The Reason I Jump goes above and beyond in its description of non-verbal autism and shows us what it means to communicate and be seen for who you are.

Honeymood: What it Means to Be in Love with Someone, and with Yourself

Honeymood takes you through all those wedding-night emotions and then a bit more, a beautiful exposé of past loves, repressed doubts, and lives left behind.

Waikiki: A Psychedelic Exploration of Trauma and Cultural Survival

Waikiki navigates the bitter seas of Hawaii’s not so idyllic life, dealing with a few too many (personal) demons to truly deliver its message in a bottle.

This is England: Film Review

This is England fulfils all our 80s nostalgia in a chilling coming of age story while focusing on the developments in music, culture and politics that can change your course of future at any time.