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Myrthe Leenders

Literature graduate turned exhibition designer, pretty versatile, always adventurous. Loves mixing books with social events. There’s never a moment not to analyse plot twists, character developments, denouements, or disjointed narratives – in life or on screen. Great lover of coffee, 90s teen drama and Kelly MacDonald. My superhero skill is writing reviews with a chronic writers-block.

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Baby Done: Film Review

Baby Done is a pure and human rom-com that chronicles the joyful experience of pregnancy through light-hearted humour and a tragically serious edge.

The Mole Agent: Film Review

The Mole Agent is as heart-warming as it is heart-wrenching, in its moral investigation of abuse in Chilean care homes.

Dr Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets (Review): Psychedelic Mastery

Dr Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets demonstrates that mental illness doesn’t have to be a film’s message, but that, as a medium, film has the ability to enlighten our experience.

Bedlam: Film Review

Bedlam forces you to acknowledge the harrowing and insane treatment of the seriously mentally ill, chronicling years of systematic neglect and criminalisation.

The Crown Season 4 Review: a Royal Upheaval of the Status Quo

The Crown Season 4 continues to challenge our notions of the royal family and lays bare the dark and gritty reality of our romanticised and idealised memories.

Minor Premise: A Study of Psychological Suspense (Review)

Minor Premise combines the best of psychological studies with the worst of action-packed thrillers, in a film where characters develop faster than you can say MPD.

Dear Santa: USPS Christmas Spirit Remains Undefeated (Review)

Dear Santa proves that the spirit of Christmas is stronger than ever and that, with some help from the USPS, Santa’s little helpers can make any wish come true.

Operation Christmas Drop: Tropical Christmas Needs Snow (Review)

Operation Christmas Drop might take Christmas films to tropical levels, but lacks the necessary cold to make the warmth work.

Force of Habit: a Claustrophobic Contour of the Female Gaze

Force of Habit paints a portrait of strength, resilience, and perseverance through claustrophobic narratives of male power women have to live through daily.

Antarctica: a cynically comic high school drama (Raindance Review)

Antarctica is a deeply moving, entertaining film that presents the absurdities of US high school reality with a this-can’t-be-real surreal seriousness.