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Zebra Girl: British Mental Health Thriller Disappoints (Review)

Zebra Girl is an aesthetically pleasing British thriller whose female protagonist gives mental health a bad reputation in its representation.

Berlin Alexanderplatz: Despair Leads to Damnation (Review)

Berlin Alexanderplatz, where despair turns into unconventional romance and the fight for survival is reflected in an attempt to be good in the societal periphery.

Here Are the Young Men: Nihilistic Irish Teens Renegade (Review)

Here Are the Young Men captivates an unsettling summer for four Irish teenagers, and depicts how traumatic events lure them into nihilistic violence.

Hope: Tender Love Heals in Scandinavian Drama (Review)

Starring Stellan Skarsgård as the husband of a terminally ill cancer patient, Hope is a Scandinavian drama that reminds us that tender love is all that matters.

In Bed with Victoria: A Comedic Drama on Modern Women (FFF Review)

In Bed with Victoria is a comical and dramatic take on the chaotic life of a modern woman which demonstrates how catastrophic private and work life imbalance can be.

Love Affairs: Subtly Complex Love Story Enchants (FFF Review)

Love Affairs is a delicious and delightful artwork on the intricacies of love and relationships, and the intimacy that grows between people through storytelling.

Surge: A Sensory Pursuit for Primal Liberation (GFF Review)

Surge is a dazzling feat of primal liberation and a fantastic sensory immersion of rebirth, driven by the physicality of movement, intuition and impulse.

Director Aneil Karia on Feature Debut Surge (GFF Interview)

We spoke with Aneil Karia, director of new thrilling feature Surge, a 24hrs reckless journey through London as a sensory and kinetic study of primal liberation.

Sweetheart: A Charming, Heartfelt Coming of Age Film (GFF Review)

Sweetheart shows how emotional turmoil over sexuality and gender add an extra dimension to teenage angst, and how family holidays remain a place for self-discovery.

The Winter Lake: Disturbing Country Life Unveiled (Review)

The Winter Lake is a dark and slow-burn coming-of-age drama in which a traumatic and toxic past unravels into a confrontation with identity and survival.