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Justin Bower

I’m an avid reader, writer, and cinephile. When I’m not reading fantasy, I’m writing on religion and pop culture. I’m a firm believer that horror films are beautiful cinema, a movie poster evangelist, and the one who will still bring up Toni Collette’s Oscar snubbing to anyone willing to listen.

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Prisoners: Film Analysis

Prisoners is a perfect film from Denis Villeneuve. Stellar acting, cinematography, and storytelling help this bleak film stand out among other crime thrillers.

Aporia: Film Review

Aporia is an original, emotional take on time travel. Aside from a slow start and some technical flaws, it excels in minimalism and character development.

Storage Locker: Film Review

Storage Locker is a well acted horror comedy that can’t escape the terrors of its confusing subplots. It has great potential, but it tries to be too much at once.

Brightwood: Film Review

Brightwood is a well-shot sci-fi thriller. Apart from some unnecessary scenes, it is a haunting take on the time loop concept with a gruesome twist ending.

Paul Schrader’s Man in A Room Trilogy: How Religion Influences Morality

Paul Schrader’s films reveal a decades-long trend of a man in a room, wrestling with religion, morality, regret, and what it means to be human.