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Cold Blows the Wind Review: Gory Indie Horror

Official poster for the film Cold Blows the Wind

Cold Blows the Wind is a gross and gory horror movie. It is well acted, relying on practical effects and disquieting imagery despite a weak script and score.

Director: Eric Williford
Genre: Thriller, Supernatural Horror
Run Time: 84′
US Release: July 2, 2024
UK Release: TBA
Where to watch: on VOD

When a married couple hits a jogger while driving, they think their night can’t get any worse. But as they desperately try to navigate the consequences of their mistake, they encounter an evil presence worse than their accident. Cold Blows the Wind is a gratuitous, gross, and gory horror movie which is at its best when it relies on practical effects and disquieting imagery.

The film jumps right into a frantic scene, with Tasha (Victoria Vertuga) and Dean (Danell Leyva) spiraling about how to fix a problem they just caused. Cold Blows the Wind balances the thriller and supernatural horror genres well; the couple is terrified of the car accident and also unaware of what might await them while they try to find a solution. It is not a shy film: the first few moments start with gore and grossness, and the film’s climactic moments are even more disturbing than mere blood and violence. It settles on using the shock factor for entertainment, and it delivers in that regard.

Several aspects of Cold Blows the Wind are executed well and make for a good horror experience, especially Vertuga’s performance and Jamie Bernadette’s acting as Briar. The script is what one might expect from a horror film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. While it isn’t great (and even has some glaringly stereotypical or bad lines), it gets the job done in a film that obviously focuses more on making the audience cringe from surprisingly good and simple practical effects.

The score of the film is good, but it’s used too infrequently. Much of the nearly two-hour flick relies on dialogue and neglects to fill in the blank space with sound design or music; this is an unfortunate difference between Cold Blows the Wind and other horror films. I would have preferred more ominous sounds in the background, even if they were faint and unobtrusive, as it would have been more captivating in dialogue scenes especially.

Cold Blows the Wind Trailer (Victoria Vertuga)

Nevertheless, the cast and their use of the single location make Cold Blows the Wind a nightmare that no one can escape. For a horror film, that’s a job well done; its explorations of characters stuck in one place and unraveling at the onset of terror makes the supernatural and disturbing ending even more profound.

Cold Blows the Wind is a shocking horror movie that keeps viewers on edge for what unpredictable turns it may take. The acting is strong, even though the film’s pacing feels somewhat rushed and the script could be better. Overall, Cold Blows the Wind is a good watch for avid horror fans in search of an audacious and startling experience.

Cold Blows the Wind will be available to watch on digital platforms in the US from July 2, 2024.

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