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Sundown (2021) Review: Going Loco Down in Acapulco

Sundown is a story of sun, sex and shirked responsibility – Michel Franco’s challenging tale of hedonism and neglect starring Tim Roth and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Margaux Hartmann (FFF Review): A Widow Seeks New Beginnings

Margaux Hartmann sees Emmanuelle Béart, resplendent as ever, shine in a character study of a widowed mature student in a time of spiritual crisis.

Adrienne (Review) – Loving Tribute to an Indie Icon

Andy Ostroy’s documentary on the life and career of his wife, filmmaker and actor Adrienne Shelly is a simultaneously somber and heartbreaking yet life-affirming and inspiring collage.

There Is No Evil (Review): Punishment, Power and Pathos

There Is No Evil is Mohammad Rasoulof’s enthralling examination of the impact of the death penalty on ordinary people in Iran; last year’s Golden Bear winner.

A Boy Called Christmas (Review): A Charming Chronicle

Gil Kenan’s A Boy Called Christmas is a sweet, gorgeous winter fantasy – perfect for children if somewhat lacking for adults.

Double Walker (Review): A Charming Urban Ghost flick

Ohio horror indie is light on scares but still entertaining – Colin West’s Double Walker is intriguing conceptually yet fails to fully capitalise on its ideas.

HBO ’s 5 Best Original Series, Ranked

With beloved hits like Succession, Euphoria and Barry currently going strong, we’re seeking to explore what are the 5 best original series HBO has ever released.

Benedetta (LFF Review): Paul Verhoeven’s Story of Forbidden Love

Benedetta is a thrilling and intimate tale providing uncompromised entertainment with scathing commentary; a welcome addition to the veteran’s canon.