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Ethan Hill

Lover of food, films, and figuring out how to fit a 5 minute song into a 2 minute drive. My taste is incredibly pretentious, but I also believe Pain and Gain is one of the unsung masterpieces of the last decade, so I’ll like pretty much anything. Can usually be found buried in the Criterion Section of Barnes and Noble or hurriedly scrawling out notes for the DnD session I forgot to plan for. Movies are good.

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Six Suspects: A Melodramatic Murder Mystery that Delivers All the Genre Tropes (Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh)

Six Suspects is a fun mystery that serves as the perfect introduction to the golden age of Taiwanese cinema, even if some aspects come off as dated.

Ice Poison: A Desperate Life on the Edge of Poverty (Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh)

Ice Poison is another solid addition to the neo-realist genre that delicately depicts the life of two individuals navigating poverty in modern Asia.

Epicentro: A Dense Documentary With a Lot to Say (Review)

Epicentro attempts to cover everything from the nature of cinema to the legacy of globalization on the last communist country, with varying degrees of success.

Boys State (Review): The Case For and Against the Future of American Politics

Boys State is an expertly made documentary that examines the current state of politics as told through the young men who represent the future of the country.

The Great Gatsby: An Iconic Narrative in Baz Luhrmann’s Signature Style (Review)

The Great Gatsby is an appropriately over-the-top spectacle that matches the glamour of its source material while keeping its emotional moments intact.

Cold War: An Epic Romance on a Small Scale (Review)

Cold War showcases Paweł Pawlikowski at the height of his power with a beautifully realized love story set against the turmoil of Europe in the 1950’s.