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Cameron Fairchild

Film art is so wonderful, and I’ve been thinking too much about it since my dad first made me watch The Godfather with him. Movies have long ago taken the place of my heart and mind, and I am always so gratified to share my thoughts about them with others. I dig a lot of early-to-mid-century cinema: Orson Welles, Maya Deren, Clouzot, Nicholas Ray, Ozu. I have a particularly selfish fondness for film noir, the Taiwanese New Wave, and David Lynch.

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Monsters, Inc.: Film Review

Monsters, Inc., one of Pixar’s earliest efforts, retains its status over 20 years later as one of the studio’s finest films.

Abbé Pierre – A Century of Devotion: Film Review

Abbé Pierre – A Century of Devotion lionizes an important French figure, but never uses its sturdy runtime to properly dramatize his 94 years of life.

Goodbye Julia: Cannes Film Review

Goodbye Julia’s commitment to finding the personal in the political bolsters its plea for peace in the ongoing Sudan-South Sudan conflict.

Vera Dreams of the Sea: Film Review

Vera Dreams of the Sea is Kaltrina Krasniqi’s timely, subdued first feature; an engrossing look at patriarchal malignance and the untold costs of burying the dead.

The Simple Charm of “Paris, 13th District”

Jacques Audiard’s plainspoken triptych Paris, 13th District is an easily digestible portrait of the convolutions of modern-day sex, love, and new relationships.

Dear Tenant (2021): Film Review

Dear Tenant conceals a straightforward social drama in the trappings of a nonlinear crime film, tackling homophobia and class relations with grace.

Wife of a Spy: The Harsh Light of Day (Review)

Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s love-letter to classic genre films radically integrates a stark stylistic departure from his inspirations.

Under the Open Sky: Kōji Yakusho Excels in Patient Drama (SIFF Review)

The legendary Japanese actor Kōji Yakusho invigorates Miwa Nishikawa’s Under the Open Sky, a sturdy but meandering adaptation of crime writer Ryūzō Saki’s novel “Mibuncho”.

Captains of Zaatari: Skimming the Surface of Refugee Camps

Captains of Zaatari is a sympathetic portrait of Syrian refugees, but it leaves the thorniest details of its subject on the sidelines.

Athanor – The Alchemical Furnace Review: Understanding Jan Švankmajer

In Athanor – The Alchemical Furnace, czech animator Jan Švankmajer makes for a fascinating subject in an otherwise routine about-the-artist documentary.