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Amelia Cameron

English and Film Studies graduate, bookshop worker and library lurker who looks like a long-lost member of the Adams family all year round. I’ll watch any film or tv show that sparks my interest, no matter how long or old. Believe me: I’ve sat through all five and a half hours of Abel Gance’s Napoléon.

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Our Flag Means Death (Review): A Pirate Comedy with Heart

Legends of pirates have long since fascinated us, and the HBO Max series Our Flag Means Death proves that they always will.

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The Goldfinch’s adaptation loses the charm of the novel, going from Pulitzer Prize-winning novel to film festival flop.

What We Do in The Shadows: a Sitcom that Just so Happens to be about Vampires (Review)

After becoming a comedy cult classic, What We Do in The Shadows has successfully made…

The 5 Worst Book Adaptations in Film History

From The Mortal Instruments to Mortal Engines, let’s take a look at some of the worst book adaptations in recent cinema.

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