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5 K-Dramas to Watch on Netflix

three k-dramas to watch on Netflix

Korean Dramas, popularly referred to as K-Dramas, have seen an unprecedented surge in their global appeal over recent years. Korean entertainment series have earned rave reviews because they make for such binge-worthy watches. Who cares if the premises are sometimes quite similar to one another and they’re filled with tropes? Sometimes a comfort series is exactly what we’re looking for, and K-Dramas can give us exactly that: characters we love to root for, and narratives that keep us hooked till the very end.

Whether you’re new to the genre or you’re looking to discover something you haven’t watched yet, we have great news for you: Netflix has tons of K-Dramas in their catalogue, and many of them will definitely capture your interest. If you’re a student, don’t lose track of your academic obligations when diving into these stories: read honest paper help reviews to identify a reliable writing service before heading over to Netflix! And if you’re not a student, these 5 K-Dramas will make for fantastic watches. They all made the headlines in the 2020s, and you can find them listed below, in no particular order!

Crash Landing on You (2019-2020)

Crash Landing on You (Netflix)

Crash Landing on You stands out as an engaging romantic drama that skillfully blends humor, heartwarming moments, and political intrigue to keep us hooked. The premise? A paragliding accident causes Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin), a heiress to a South Korean conglomerate, to make an emergency landing in North Korea. But little does she know that this accident will end up changing her life, as that’s where she’ll meet an army officer named Ri Jeong-Hyeok (Hyun-Bin). Needless to say, a secret love affair begins between the two, as he tries to keep her safe and hidden and she immediately falls for him. This Netflix K-Drama has an extremely engaging narrative, and you won’t be able to keep yourself from binging it. And if you’re a fan on 2013 movie Secretly Greatly, great news: Kim Soo-Hyun reprises his character from Secretly Greatly for the series, playing a North Korean spy!

Itaewon Class (2020)

loud and clear reviews itaewon class
Itaewon Class (JTBC / Netflix)

If you haven’t heard of Itaewon Class, you’re in for a treat! This unconventional, award-winning Netflix coming-of-age drama is based on the popular webtoon of the same name. It revolves around an 18-year-old boy named Park Sae-Ro-Yi (Park Seo-Joon), who enrols at a new school but starts off on the wrong foot – or, rather, hand. Park Sae-Ro-Yi punches a classmate on his very first day of school, and the consequences are unimaginable: not only does he loses all his friends and family, but he sets forth a chain reaction that eventually has him in prison. But when he finally gets out of jail, he has a plan: getting his revenge on all the people who ruined his life. Itaewon Class is so good that it made our list of best college k-dramas of the 2020s, thanks to its gripping storyline, gorgeous 80s looks, and likeable characters!

Kingdom (2019-2020)

Kingdom (Netflix)

For history lovers with an appetite for macabre cinematic experiences, Kingdom delivers an intense journey through Joseon Korea. Kingdom is an incredibly timely series, as it all revolves around a mysterious outbreak, whose victims become monstrous predators. A crown prince has to try to save the day from the zombie apocalypse, but there’s political turmoil to deal with too, which makes the experience even more emotionally charged.

Hospital Playlist (2020-2021)

hospital playlist
Hospital Playlist (tvN)

Hospital Playlist brings an uninhibited approach to medical drama by following five doctors since medical school and their lives and friendships. This K-Drama is the second instalment of the Wise Life series, right after 2017’s Prison Playbook. And if you’re thinking Grey’s Anatomy, think again: this Netflix K-drama is as lighthearted and fun as it looks in the image above! Hospital Playlist is the rare medical drama that prioritizes an uplifting narrative over life or death situations, and this makes for an immensely enjoyable experience.

Vincenzo (2021,-)

Vincenzo (Netflix)

Vincenzo presents a gripping narrative that combines dark comedy and crime drama. This Netflix K-Drama follows an Italian-Korean mafia lawyer returning to South Korea, engaging in a battle against a formidable conglomerate. With a seamless blend of humor and suspense, and charismatic performances, Vincenzo explores themes of justice, morality, and the repercussions of one’s past. And if you like season 1 and need more episodes, do not despair: the show is still ongoing and a new season is coming soon!

Explore More Gems!

There are so many K-Dramas on Netflix that absolutely deserve your attention, and they’re too many to list! You’ve probably heard of My Demon, one of the most entertaining K-Dramas out there. It’s about a blossoming romance between an unstoppable businesswoman and – wait-for-it! – a 200-year-old demon! If you’re into engaging narratives with a supernatural twist, it’s the right show for you. Start-Up follows young entrepreneurs as they navigate their way through its highly competitive terrain, balancing romance, ambition, and the bustling tech start-up scene. If you’re considering embarking in your own start-up venture – and services like review can offer their assistance with your assignments in the meanwhile – you’ll find it interesting! And if you liked series like Silicon Valley and WeCrashed, you’ll love it too.

My Mister is about three middle-aged brothers facing various life obstacles, and it explores themes such as family, resilience, and adult life complexities. The heartwarming Daily Dose of Sunshine is about a nurse in a psychiatric ward who does just that: she spends her life providing her patients with happiness! But one day, she’s moved to a much more challenging ward which proves tricky to win over. And then there’s the space-set The Silent Sea, which blends sci-fi and horror to deliver one of the most gripping narratives you’ll find in K-Dramas!

The list of fantastic Netflix K-Dramas is endless, but hopefully the 5 series listed above will provide you with plenty of entertainment! If you’re just starting with the genre, they will give you different, unique examples of Korean storytelling; if you’re a fan, you’ll find some gems to revisit or binge for the first time. Happy Watching!

K-dramas Tell Better Stories than Western Media – Loud and Clear
K-dramas just tell better stories than Western media, which consistently repackages the same narrative with no real innovation.
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