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5 Great Movies with High Stakes

A list of 5 great movies with high stakes, from action classics to heist films, horror favorites and more that will provide plenty of tension!

5 Great Oscar Isaac Films

A a list of 5 great Oscar Isaac films to watch right now, that serve as a great introduction to the Star Wars star and are all available now!

5 Movies About Education & Teaching

A list of 5 movies about education and teaching, released in different years! These nostalgic, compelling films will inspire and entertain.

5 Films with Alternate Timelines

A list of 5 films with alternate timelines, from all-time classics to must-watch recent releases. Dive into parallel universes and multiverse adventures!

5 Great Jenna Ortega Movies

A list of 5 great Jenna Ortega movies that showcase the star’s skills and range, from horror slashers to festival hits and genre gems.

5 Quirky Australian Animated Films

A list of 5 quirky Australian animated films from different years and various genres, which will entertain you and make you think!

5 Films to Watch if you Liked Ocean’s Eleven

A list of 5 films to watch if you liked Ocean’s Eleven, from heist movies to entertaining flicks with charismatic leads and plenty of action.

5 Video Game Movies from the 2010s

A list of 5 great video game movies from the 2010s, from thrilling films to popular adaptations from the decade to watch right now!

5 Movies Where Characters Play Cards

A list of 5 movies where characters play cards, from various genres, if you’re looking for inspiration for your next film night!

5 Noir Films Worth Watching

A list of 5 noir films worth watching from great directors, whether you’re new to the genre or you’re looking for the best movies to revisit.