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Gangster Films That Are a Must Watch

For as long as anyone can remember, gangster movies have been popular among moviegoers. Here are some of the top gangster films you need to watch.

Famous Las Vegas Filming Locations To Visit

There are some filming locations that are well worth visiting, such as all those fun movies set in Las Vegas.

How to Find the Best Netflix Shows

We have all been there. After scrolling through what seems like endless choices on Netflix,…

Cult Movies That Educate You About Financial Literacy

A selection of the most fascinating movies on financial topics, combining the craft behind the camera to an enjoyable story to watch that can also be very educational.

Three Forgettable Sports Movies

But not every sports movie has been a hit. Sometimes not everything goes to plan, and a grand idea can blow up and soon become a flop that backers just didn’t see coming.

Top 5 Motivational Movies

Whether we’re feeling down or just need a push to do our best, movies can be a great source of inspiration. They can give us hope when we’re facing difficult challenges, and remind us of what’s possible if we set our minds to it.

Top 3 Movies Depicting the Dark Side of the American Dream

No one really wants to know the poverty, the struggle, and all the obstacles that come in the way. Below are three films about the American dream, portraying the darker side of it all. 

Films As Video Games – Who Got It Right and Who Didn’t?

We’ve collected some of the most loved and the most loathed film-to-video game ventures so that you can enjoy all the drama right here.

Top 6 College Movies Everyone Should Watch

Spring break, parties, cheerleaders – American college movies are often full of clichés and usually aimed at teenagers. But some films take a different approach. We’ve prepared six college movies for you that won’t leave you indifferent.

The Benefits of Movies for Children: Recommended Films

Children’s movies always carry a lesson. Seeing so many different situations on the screen, children develop their ability to think, stimulate their imagination, and become more creative, among other effects that demonstrate the benefits of movies for children.