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Movies You Need to Watch Before Going to Disney World

When you think about Disney, what pops into your head? Probably all the cool movies or the parks, right? So, why not watch all those amazing movies before you plan your trip to Disney World?

Some of the Most Popular Romance Films on Netflix

Netflix can be extremely overwhelming, and the options are endless, so we thought that we would help by providing you with some of our favourites, and the most popular romance films on Netflix.

The Top 4 Poker Films of All Time

Hollywood has long had a fascination with poker. Cerebral, timeless, and undeniably impressive, poker is a card game that’s practically been made for the big screen.

Best Sitcoms To Watch

Platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix are filled to the brim with sitcoms to cure your boredom, but there are some that we just can’t stop coming back to.

Batman’s Most Infamous Foes: The Top 5

Batman might be one of the most popular comic book characters in the world, but it appears he shares the limelight with his villains. Some would even go as far as to say that Batman’s nemeses are the best in the whole comic book industry. But which one really does top the charts?